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10 gut-wrenching horror stories of 10 places in Delhi

Horror stories are fun and thrilling to listen to and these stories turn to reality for some people who say they have witnessed some paranormal places that are linked with these horror stories. Are these stories a seed sprouted by the human mind or real incidents wound up in words, who knows? But these stories make these places doomed and look as if they are cursed when they can just be some deserted monuments that gained a lot of popularity because of these haunted tales or is it?

Even if you believe in these things, would you believe the stories if I were to tell you that the locations are situated in India’s capital Delhi which does not sleep even during dawn? Delhi has many haunted locations thanks to the eerie atmosphere of the old and dilapidated monuments of the Mughal era. In, this article, we present to you, 10 of THE most haunted places in Delhi. Grab your blankets, turn off the lights and let’s start!

  • Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal is haunted or not is a different story altogether but the history is more of a tragedy. The story related to it is not quite old, just the time around Indira Gandhi’s government. A woman named Wilayat Mahal demanded the ancestral property claiming to be the direct descendant of the royal but forgotten family of Oudh. After a lot of struggle, the government allotted her this property to live with her children instead of returning the actual ancestral estate.

However, the woman did not survive that long and committed suicide by swallowing ground-diamond in the year 1993. Since then, the family members started getting pestered because of intruders who thought the begum had hidden treasures in the mahal. The family had already cut all ties with the world. None of the family members survived to date. People see flickering lights and other supernatural activities around the desolated building.

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  • Lothian Cemetery

This haunted place will give you goosebumps even as you hear the story. This is the oldest Christian burial ground and accepted interments till during the British colonial era. But not many know that this place has an older history of cremation of Muslims. You can’t even dare to visit the place because of the scary thought of witnessing a headless walking with his decapitated head in his hand!

This ghost is supposed to be a British soldier Sir Nicholas who had killed himself after finding out that the Indian woman he loved was already married to someone else. Besides, who would want to spend his/her time in a cemetery! There are other stories too like a young boy asking help from people in finding his parents and the spirits fighting each other. Felt that chill down your spine while reading this? Knew it.

  • Agrasen Ki Baoli

The Agrasen Ki Baoli is a grand but haunted and popular tourist location too. Supposed to be built by Maharaja Agrasen, this marvelous stepwell has 108 steps and spectacular three-level architecture. But why is this place considered to be spooky? People believe that the stepwell earlier contained black water which used to bewitch people and compel them to commit suicide.

The waters were said to engulf and suck the person in spewing the blood of the victim. This place is also considered to be home to ghosts and djinns. People feel that they are being followed but that feeling can be explained by the architecture and reverberating footsteps. Not so exciting a horror story but the place is worth a visit.

  • Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

How this place got the title of a haunted place is not clear but that seems to be the case with every location. This monument built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in Mehrauli is supposed to be inhabited by djinns! These djinns are worshipped by people every Thursday and the people also stick their wishes scribbled in a paper so that the djinns fulfill them.

 However, despite their ability to make wishes come true, djinns can be menacing as well. People have shared their experiences of haunting such as the feeling that someone is watching you from behind the pillars and the most common slaps by invisible forces (pretty much a constant for every location). And the classic screams from the graves. But this location is perfect to spend some time at.

  • Bhulli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

The Bhulli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal was also used as one of the hunting lodges made by Feroz Shah Tughlaq which got converted into a haunted location in recent times. According to the different versions of the stories, there used to be a woman named Bhuri of the Bhatiyari tribe of Rajasthan who helped Feroz Shah Tughlaq and he named the place after her but other stories say that there lived a saint named Bu Ali Bhakhtiyari after which the place got to be known.

But both of the stories end in tragedy. The saint is said to have disappeared after which the ghosts possessed the palace and the woman’s story ends like she eventually died and now her spirit resides there. Quite similar to the other paranormal activities claimed by people in many different places, people hear screams of women and children here too. But even if want to go to the place to test yourself or verify the stories, this place is still not a nice idea.

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  • Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

Even though this not-so-famous historic architectural monument has a romantic past, this place is also counted under the most haunted places of Delhi. According to the legends, Jamali was the name given to the saint Sheikh Hamid Bin Fazlu’llah also known as Jamal-ud-din Kamboh Dehlawi who was famous for his poetry.

On the other hand, nobody knows the exact identity of Kamali but there are many speculations such as he was the person who was behind the poetry works that Jamali took credit for, or Kamali was his brother who had traveled around him. The most intriguing theory was put forth by the American author Karen Chase in her book “Jamali Kamali: A tale of Passion in the Mughal India” in which she mentioned that they were homosexual partners whose love story could not be completed.

People are advised not to visit this place after sunset because of unexplainable eerie sounds and sudden white vision in the premises. People also say that they have felt wisps of air as if someone breathed on their neck. Horrified? There’s more.

  • Sanjay Van

This place is the most beautiful place that would have ever heard of that turns spooky and haunted during the night. Yes, can it even be possible that a forest, full of shrub and thorny vegetation which is a haven of many bird species amid the densely populated and polluted Delhi turns into a dark and scary at night but that’s true!

People think it’s haunted most probably because of the Majaars or Mausoleums and graves of saints and ruins of the Qila Rai Pithori. It is said that you can hear cries and feel the presence of someone who cannot be seen. Many have also heard of scratching and clawing sounds coming from the grave! By this time, you might have figured out going to this place at night is neither advisable nor is it a task to be undertaken by those weak at heart.

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  • Khooni Nadi

This is by far the most mysterious haunted location that the locals of Delhi claim. What can be spookier than a river calling and compelling you to drown in it! This river is also known as the Bermuda Triangle. Why? Because according to the legend floating around, if anyone ever touches the water of the river, the river will suck the person inside. People say that the ghosts living in the river pull the living into the Nadi.

 Like if an aircraft or a vessel enters the Bermuda Triangle it never returns, if a person enters the waters the person never returns alive. People also claim that they hear crying voices on the banks of the river which changes its place when somebody tries to approach it or falls silent. The spookiness of this tributary of Yamuna is because of its negative vibrations all around.

  • House number W-3, Greater Kailash

This building in the Greater Kailash area of Delhi is considered haunted by the people because of the gruesome history attached to it. There lived a couple here in this house- Yadu Krishnan Kaul and Madhu Kaul- who were brutally murdered in the year 1986. The police had found the bodies in the water tank of the house. People say that the aged couple was killed by a Yoga Guru who had been prying on their posh property for a long.

 The police long worked on the theory of the Pundit or the Yoga Guru but the Pundit was never found. How the stories of haunting in the house started floating was because the neighbors kept complaining of screams and noises coming from the house. Some of them have also said that they witnessed vague figures walking down the terrace of the house at night. However, this place is now bought and renovated so the bad vibes may have subsided.

  • Delhi Cantonment:

The Delhi Cantonment is most probably THE most haunted place in Delhi if you go by what many people have said while sharing their paranormal experiences while traveling through the Delhi Cantt road. At least a hundred people have so far claimed of seeing a woman wandering on these roads and asking them for a lift and according to the people around 10-12 of them have died.

It is said that a woman wanders on the road at night between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. and is sometimes seen sitting in the middle of the road staring at the passer-by with her stoner eyes. Other people have claimed that the woman approaches the vehicles to ask them for a lift and intimidates and makes the people unusually nervous while doing so. If the vehicles do not stop by, she starts running swiftly towards the vehicles.

People believe that the woman might have been a hitchhiker when she was alive. Due to various complaints and such incidents, people are strictly advised not to stop the vehicle if anybody asks for a lift.

After reading about many places, let me put forth the same question once again. Are these stories based on reality, or are these just the fear of people that makes the human mind play games with you? But one thing is clear. Most of the places that are assumed to be spooky and haunted are old, ruined, and deserted buildings which often are associated with bad vibrations which in turn makes the fear in your mind prominent.

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