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11 Most Enticing Places in the Andaman Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands situated in the Bay of Bengal are a group of islands that top the chart of most famous holiday destinations all over the world. The flawless beauty of the islands is a treat to the eye and a perfect place to live few days in the solitude and bliss of nature. There are so many unique locations to visit in Andaman both remote and popular that people usually get puzzled and just one trip is never enough for experiencing and exploring this paradise. Adorned with numerous beaches, rainforests, and twin islands, island hopping and trekking are the most favoured activities along with the fun water sports activities that the tourists enjoy the most.

It is quite confusing choosing the favourite places to explore among so many of them. So, here I share with you the 11 most enticing places of the Andaman Islands:

1. Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and is the busiest location in the entire group of Islands. Port Blair has the only commercial airport in the Archipelago and is well-connected by both sea and air. It also acts as a gateway between islands as ferries operate mainly from Port Blair to the other islands.

2. Cellular Jail

Also named as Kaalapaani, this city centre is of great historical importance as the British officers used it for solitary confinement of political prisoners responsible for the uprising of 1857 which is also known as the First War of Independence. The cellular Jail, the most important tourist destination of Port Blair, was the place where freedom fighters were held captive. The wings of the building are structured so that each cell faced the back of the other cell opposite to it.

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The cellular jail has established a library on the first floor which contains a lot of books about the First War of Independence. Besides this, another attraction of the prison is the Swatantra Jyot or the eternal flame of freedom which is built in honour of the freedom fighters that died during the movement. It also has a gallery that showcases the important events of the freedom movement.

3. Corbyn’s Cove beach:

Corbyn’s Cove beach is pretty close to Port Blair yet is one of the most secluded and virgin beauties of Andaman. It is located 8 km from the city centre. The beach is lined with restaurants and stalls serving delicacies and hosts a wide range of water sports activities like Scuba diving, Surfing, Speed boat rides, etc.

Snake Island is in short range of Corbyn’s cove and you can take a short trip to witness the beauty of the sea bedrock or coral formations and different unique varieties of fish. The war bunkers that the Japanese built during the Second World War can be seen from the island.

4. Chidiya Tapu:

This place will provide you with just the perfect aesthetics if you truly love birds and admire nature. This is commonplace for viewing birds of rare migratory species as well as indigenous ones. This spot has the most captivating view of the sunrises and sunsets and the place is so mesmerizing at both times that it is more famous by the name of “Sunset Point”. This spot is home to around 48 endangered species of birds and animals and is an amazing mixture of the verdant greenery of the evergreen mangroves as well as hills accompanied by calm beaches.

It is located 25 km away from Port Blair. It is also very popular among trekking enthusiasts because of the beautiful trail to Mundu Pahad from Chidiya Tapu.

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5. Mount Harriett National Park:

Mount Harriett is the third highest peak located in the Andaman Islands. This national park is a reserve for woods accompanied by beautiful mountains as well as coastlines. Mount Harriett is a butterfly hotspot with a wide variety of flora and fauna and also has some really pretty beaches. It is also home to the tribal inhabitation of Andaman, the Jarawa Tribe who are hunters and gatherers and live a very primitive form of life.

The ill-famed Kalapathar is also located in this park which is still considered to be under a curse as this was the spot from where the Indian prisoners who tried to escape Kalapani were forced to death over the gorges located 2 km away from the park.

This national park also has tourist-engaging places like the Watchtowers, deer park, children’s park, and the famous forest guesthouse and tourist shed.

6. Beaches of Havelock Island:

The Radhanagar beach has been awarded Asia’s best beach by TIME magazines in 2004 and is also included in the top 25 beaches of Asia by Tripadvisor’s traveller’s choice awards in 2016. Situated 20 km from the Havelock islands, it is a must-visit for people looking for the best experience of all kinds of water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, jet-skiing, fishing, etc.  

The second famous beach of the Havelock Islands is the Elephant Beach which can be reached in 15 to 20 minutes via the Havelock jetty. It can also be reached by trekking through the forest but a ferry ride is time-saving. Elephant beach is especially adored by adventurous zealots because this place has the widest range of adventure activities. Because of the presence of the varied species of wonderful fishes and hard and soft corals, this beach is really popular for sea walking, glass boat rides, etc.

The third most exciting beach of the Havelock islands is the Kalpathar beach. Deriving its name from the jet black rocks that are found on its shore crushing the white sands beneath, this place is extremely popular among the couple who visit the Andaman Islands for their honeymoon because of the scene and peace this beach provides. This place also serves quite some aesthetic with all the uprooted trees scattered on the unpigmented sand which were a result of the tsunami that occurred in 2004.

7. Places in Diglipur

Diglipur situated in the north of Andaman islands is a completely adorable location loved by tourists and projects an agricultural side of the Andamans with all the orange plantations and the green paddy fields. The only river in the entire Andaman, Kalpong, flows through this region. It also contains the only hydro-electric project of Andaman on the Kalpong river. This place presents the tourists with an opportunity to interact with the local people and observe the humble life led by them. It takes a little longer to reach Diglipur, 12 hours, as it is 325 km away from Port Blair but it is completely worth it.

The highest peak of the Andaman Islands, Saddle Peak, is located in Diglipur and various other enticing places await your presence here like the Lamiya Bay beach, Mud Volcano of Shyam Nagar, Alfred caves, and Pathi Level beach.

 The Alfred caves in Diglipur are a chain of 41 mystifying caves which are found close to the Ramnagar beach. Though quite remote, this particular site is worth the effort you would put to reach. To reach Diglipur, you need to go to Ramnagar and hire a guide or a forest guard who would lead you to these caves. The best time to visit Alfred caves is during the daytime and in October.

9. Baratang Island

This island consists of the most secluded beaches in Andaman. It is also home to the tribals of Andaman and they are not quite social people. In the journey of reaching Baratang Island, you will be bewitched by the beauty of the canopy of forests that act as a roof to the route and the mangroves peeping out of the seawater.

The Baratang Island is where you would find the famous wonder of the world, the limestone caves. The caves attract geologists from all over the world to study the phenomenon, the caves contain stalactites and stalagmites accumulating from the ceiling as well as the ground forming a unique structure. These caves are very ancient and dark, quite remote, and would require an entire day to explore and you will also be able to seawater crocodiles on your journey through the dense mangroves.

10. The waterfalls at little Andaman

The two waterfalls at Little Andaman island, White Surf and Whisper Wave are idyllic places for a family picnic or just some moments in solitude. The White Surf is located 2.5 kilometres and the Whisper Wave 25 kilometres away from the Hut Bay Jetty. The serene atmosphere of the foamy water from the waterfall falling la spray everywhere and the greenery around the mystic waterfalls are ultimate goals for any travel fanatic. Both the waterfalls are situated in the interiors of the rainforest and so you need to do a little trekking to reach this destination.

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11. Cinque Island

This is unexpectedly less popular than the other islands though it gives tight competition to them in terms of beauty. This island also has the tranquil beauty of the sandy coastline and the Ocean that will chill your senses. This place is almost 39 kilometres away from Port Blair and can be reached through reserved boats. The fun activities that you can do on Cinque Island include snorkelling, diving and the most popular sport of all game fishing as this place contain a wide variety of species of fish like the marlins, Tiger Gobras, etc.

All these irresistibly attractive places adorn the most captivating Andaman Islands and you cannot help but explore it whenever you get the chance of escaping the city life, embracing nature, and answering the call of the enchanting sea.

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