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12 Tips For A Healthy Eid After A Month Of Fasting

We all wait for the Day of Eid after the holy month of Ramadan. While we must enjoy the tasty treats, here’s a quick guide about how you can stick to healthy eating and still make your taste buds happy !!

  1. Eat Breakfast at home. Choose from a fruit platter or home cooked poha / idli / dosa / eggs with whole wheat roti / roti wrap / Sheer Khurma.
  2. Eat Sevaiya / Sheer Khurma as a meal in itself and NOT after a meal. Have it as breakfast or a mid-morning or evening snack. If you are watching your weight you can cook it with toned cow milk and use brown rice sevaiya to make it fibre rich.
  3. If you are making Phirni at home use toned cow milk and add dates or figs instead of sugar which will make it healthier.
  4. Do not eat two heavy meals. A rich lunch is always better than a heavy dinner.
  5. For dinner choose Salads along with grilled kebabs of lean meats. If you have eaten a heavy lunch you can opt for a light dinner of soup with khichdi or whole-flour roti with dal and some kebabs or stir fry vegetables.
  6. Control your portion sizes and avoid taking multiple helpings. If you are invited for a meal where there is a large spread of food infront of you take 3 bites of everything but make sure you stop there.
  7. Start your meal with a curd based salad or a raita and then proceed onto the main course.
  8. For those who have high cholesterol levels, opting for chicken and fish is better than mutton.
  9. With gravies, avoid eating maida-based breads (refined flour) like pav, naan, roomali roti and opt for whole wheat roti.
  10. Make sure that you stay active and continue to follow your fitness regime.
  11. Stay hydrated throughout the day and stick to water and lime water with jaggery, a pinch of black salt and mint, very thin buttermilk with cumin seeds and remember to consciously avoid liquid calorie filled drinks like colas, energy drinks and sugary beverages.
  12. Share what you have with the less fortunate, when its still fresh and not stale.

Eid Mubarak to everyone around the world!

  • This article is written by Sonam Rayani, founder of Jatropha Wellness, who is a Nutrition and Diet Consultant since last 11 years. She is also a Nutrigenetic Consultant and socially runs True Love Project that aims to bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots.

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