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16 Essential Things to Carry While Travelling to Goa

A trip to Goa is among the best vacations that you can dream to have but this beachy trip is not like every other trip to the various landlocked areas that you might have vacationed in earlier. This difference is sure of the different terrains, the different weather conditions and the different activities that this place has to offer. It is highly important to understand the list of things to carry while travelling to Goa, to make it a smooth experience. Things which are essential should be carried while travelling to Goa.

It is simply these different things about Goa make things to carry while travelling to Goa a complexity, but fret not, to ease you out of this situation a small list of all the essentials that you will require for your Goa trip to amplify the experience have been mentioned below.

1. Swimwear

Goa is all about beaches and the laid-back lifestyle; it demands more of your time, passed in the swimwear rather than the actual clothes. An indispensable item for travelling to Goa, you can opt for more than one piece of the swimwear and it is best to go crazy with the bright colours and trendy styles.

2. Sarongs

If not the swimwear, it is the sarongs that make for your best pals along the trip to Goa. Sarongs and multi drapes for wearing over your swimwear are a must have. These are extremely feminine and can be used in a number of the styles making the cut for the best outfit of the trip too.

3. The Right Footwear

Talking of the beach places, the choice of the right footwear is important. The best choice of footwear when travelling to Goa are crocs or floaters which act perfectly when walking along the seashore. A pair of formal shoes should also be packed along to make sure that you get the entry in the fancy nightclubs of the place.

4.Shorts and Pieces of Cotton wear

The choice of the right clothes is important to amplify your experience to a place like Goa. It is basically the cotton and the shorts that need to be preferred. For men the range of the clothing may include simple chinos or linen pants and shirts, shorts also work well.
As for the females the more feminine and more adorable cotton dresses, tank tops, spaghetti straps and cotton shorts make the list of essentials.

5. The Funky Jewellery

Nothing accessorise a cool casual look better than the right chunk of junk jewellery. Be it a man or a woman, the fun accessories like the quirky neck pieces, stylish headbands, distinct wristbands and fun earrings make any look a little more perked up.
These accessories should be light to carry and go with all your trendy clothes. Leaving your expensive watches and other expensive jewellery at home is definitely a good idea when talking about Goa.

6. Sunscreen is a Must Have

A place as sunny and as moisture-laden as Goa is a sight for sore eyes but truthfully it can be quite a torture for the skin. Therefore, when talking about Goa, sunscreen is among the very basic essentials of the things that need to be carried while travelling.

7. Sunglasses

Right next to the protection of the skin comes the protection of the eyes, therefore sunglasses is the next most important thing in your luggage when you are travelling to Goa. The harsh sun rays of the coastal regions do their job well, and therefore you need to be well equipped to be able to deal with such excesses. As a secondary benefit, the sunglasses work wonders in covering up hung over eyes too.

8 .Water Bottles

The blistering sun of a place like Goa can make you thirsty through and through the day, therefore it is essential that you have water on you at all possible times. Carrying your own light and easy to refill water bottles is another good idea when thinking of things to carry when travelling to Goa.

9. Hats/Caps

Another stylish way to shield yourself from the crazy sun and yet look all stylish is to carry your favorite straw hat to Goa. These hats are understood to function as a shield for your face and neck from getting a sunburn in the hot temperatures of Goa.

10. Lip Balm

Taken care of the skin, and taken care of the eyes, but another thing in high danger of getting out of line is the condition of your lips. Therefore carrying some lip balm is always a good idea when travelling to Goa. Perfect for locking in that moisture, a lip balm protects the lips from the salty winds of Goa. Further, a little touch of the gloss on the lips always makes the person look more attractive.

11. Camera for the Photo Lovers

An experience like a vacation to a place as exquisitely beautiful as Goa is incomplete without the right equipment to capture it all for saving later and that is exactly what a camera is needed for. Like many of the memorable vacations, a vacation to Goa also involves keeping your camera handy for the right moment to be captured in the right light.

12. First Aid Kit for Safety

Goa is a place that comes alive a night but truly not everything in the place is open twenty-four seven, it is best to have your mandates with you while you venture on your midnight adventures. Thus a first aid kit is a must carry. Ideally, this kit should comprise the basic medicines for headaches, colds, tummy aches, antiseptics and slightly more useful in case of Goa, the OTC hangover pills.

13. Fanny Packs

Travelling needs you to carry your essentials like money, phones with you at all times and place perfect for all of your essentials is a fanny pack. Much more comfortable and easy to carry than the traditional backpacks, a fanny pack hangs by your waist without much weight making your hands gainfully employed in anything you like.

14. Wet Wipes & Sanitizer

The moisture-laden salty winds of a place like Goa call for an arrangement to make sure you can clean yourself up whenever required, therefore wet wipes and hand sanitizer do make the cut for this list of the most important things to carry while travelling to Goa.

15. Power Banks

If travelling without phones seems like a joke, well it is in the same context that travelling without power banks is held. Power banks are the true essentials when talking of travel to any place, be it Goa or the Himalayas, travel without power banks would mean living with a dead phone in case of absence of the right charging points.

16. Backpack

Talking of the bags that you need to carry to a place like Goa, the large comfy totes or backpacks are the best bet. These bags can be of canvas or of any other light material which can be easily carried for the day out at the beach.
These bags are best if not expensive, as there is a chance of them getting destroyed in all the heat and the harsh weather. A very basic, this bag is mandatory to make your other essentials easily portable.

Though essential for the trip, packing these things can be an issue, for help you can refer to a number of the tutorials available over the net. Goa is indeed an adventurous place and one of the most favorite travel destination at a low-budget.

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