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2026 India-France Year of Innovation: Indian diplomat announced after Macron’s visit

2026 India-France Year of Innovation: Indian diplomat announced after Macron's visit

When French President Emmanuel Macron visited India and was the primary guest at the Republic Day parade, External Affairs Minister Vinay Kwatra announced major developments in the France-India alliance. Kwatra talked on the different agreements that the two nations have, emphasizing the partnership’s increasing significance in the intricate geopolitical environment.

During a news conference regarding Macron’s visit, Kwatra highlighted the strengthening of the relationship between France and India, namely in the areas of green energy, military, and Indo-Pacific security. Notably, as a long-term goal for bilateral cooperation, both countries had ratified the Indo-Pacific and “Horizon 2047” roadmaps.

According to Kwatra, the importance of the collaboration between France and India has only increased in light of the current complicated geopolitical landscape and our pursuit of national interests and priorities. The collaboration has witnessed substantial progress across multiple domains, encompassing defense, nuclear energy, security, space exploration, and clean energy initiatives.

Kwatra made a significant declaration, stating that 2026 would be recognized as the ‘India-France Year of Innovation,’ signifying the growing dedication to promote creative ideas and improve bilateral ties.

President Macronand’s visit will not only strengthen diplomatic relations, but also underline the joint commitment of France and India to promote innovation, cooperation and mutual development in a dynamic global environment.

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