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4 Advantages of Orthokeratology for the Treatment and Prevention of Myopia

The breakthrough Orthokeratology treatment allows patients to achieve clear eyesight without needing corrective lenses or glasses throughout the day. After wearing these vision-altering lenses while you sleep for the duration of the night, you may remove them in the morning and proceed with normal vision. The benefits of ortho-k contact lenses may be experienced even by those wearing lenses or glasses for a considerable time. You have to put Orthokeratology lenses, which are exceptionally rigid gas permeable contacts, in your eyes the same way you would typically put in contact lenses. To correct your refractive mistake, your doctor will gradually flatten your cornea while you sleep.

Your myopia, often known as nearsightedness, will have been momentarily corrected by the time you wake up. Because the results often only last for a few days, you will need to continue to wear the Orthokeratology lenses every night. It is because you must implant the lenses before going to bed.

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Controlling Myopia in an Efficient Manner

Recent research has shown that orthokeratology is a very effective method for preventing childhood myopia. Eye growth is inhibited due to the moulding that the lenses do on the cornea. Because of this, children’s eyes do not continue to develop and get longer, which halts myopia progression (nearsightedness) in these individuals. Myopia may be effectively treated with Orthokeratology, an excellent option for those under 18 who are not candidates for LASIK refractive surgery.

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Treatment Methods for Both Presbyopia and Hyperopia

The treatment of visual problems using orthokeratology is not limited to only correcting myopia. The development of Orthokeratology technology has paved the way for the creation of contact lenses that not only correct nearsightedness and farsightedness but also presbyopia and astigmatism. Corneal topography is necessary for mapping the cornea required to manufacture individualised Orthokeratology lenses for these reasons.

Design Improvements Made to Orthokeratology Eyeglasses

Doctors have made significant strides in the production of Orthokeratology lenses that virtually have a flawless fit at this point. These speciality lenses are created based on high-tech equipment for mapping, like corneal topography, and the results are pretty trustworthy. In tandem with developments in corneal thickness measurement, there have also been advancements made in computer-driven lathing processes. The design software has become more user-friendly, and the algorithms used to evaluate corneal forms have significantly improved. Consequently, Orthokeratology lenses have reached a level of precision that permits a greater degree of myopia management. However, there is often still a need for some troubleshooting when fitting orthokeratology, the amount of trial and error has been substantially decreased! In the long run, Orthokeratology lenses might become the main therapy option for all young children who have myopia.

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Enhanced Protection for the Health of the Eyes

Because of the higher incidence of eye infections, the general public historically saw Orthokeratology in a highly unfavourable light. On the other hand, the majority of the issues have been fixed. To begin, a significant portion of the infections were brought on by the patient’s noncompliance, who, for example, did not adequately disinfect their contact lenses or wash their hands before placing them into their eyes. In addition, the development of novel materials and improved precision achieved when fitting Orthokeratology lenses have improved overall eye health.

To correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism, new varieties of ortho-k lenses are continually being created. Doctors better grasp how to fit patients with these lenses accurately to get the desired results.

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