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5 Mistakes Women Avoid in Business to Grow Steadily

Being a Business Women is a war. There are so many difficulty one must face in the business world, but the longer you are in business, the less likely you are to make mistakes. Women are capable doing anything they but sometimes they do fall short

Crying – There is no crying. While gender roles may imply that Business Women are allowed to cry, the reality is that crying in the work place is disapproved. One of the critical qualities of a successful leader is there emotional steadiness. Crying, shouting and other extreme emotional reactions can be used against you. If anger, disappointment, frustration and irritation overwhelm you to the point of tears relax yourself, take a walk, talk with someone or cry behind your closed door but do not cry in front of colleagues and friends. Try to remove yourself form the situation. Think about the situation later when your mind is much calmer and cooler.

Mixing professional and private lives – Try to keep a clear line between your work and your private life. your private life probably involves a lot of responsibilities because of children and other household work,  but don’t make it their problem unless there is a true emergency.

Not finding a coach or mentor- Many successful women have a mentor or coach, others are under the false impression that seeking the counsel of someone with more experience isn’t necessary. For men mostly it is the opposite.

Not networking enough – Men also have a natural attraction to network while women don’t have it. from an early age, boys play team sports. Rough and tough behaviour exist, and that shows on the work to. Girls on the other hand prefer individual while growing up. Women have a lot of

obligations at home and family. This is the main reason that Business Women don’t build strong networks.

Forgetting the golden rule – why do so many women who make it to the top treat there juniors badly? It is not very intelligent because the people who work with us can contribute to help us to our success. In the business environment each and everyone should be respected. A respectful culture helps you as well as helps the people around you. It creates a good and positive environment and vibrations.

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