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5 Most Beautiful Villages in India

Are you tired of traveling to the known places and your favorite destinations, but still your heart craves more, no worries. These villages epitome beauty will surely blow your mind and surprise your imagination of beautiful places. The serene beauty of mountains, valleys, green lush, and much more. Below are the 5 most beautiful villages in India, whose visit is a must.

    Perched majestically on the banks of Betwa River is Orchha, hub of medieval temples and structures and best place for historian. Orchha is also famous for its two elevated minaret called Saavan and Bhadon and its four palaces — Jahangir Palace, Raj Mahal, Sheesh Mahal and Rai Praveen Mahal — and for its concept of windows. It makes it to the tentative list of world heritage UNESCO.
Sand dunes at Khimsar
Cute and adorable houses at Khimsar village
    For a glorious immersion into the vast, sprawling, unspoilt beauty of the Thar Desert, Khimsar never disappoints. Famous for its grand 16th-century military fortress-turned-palace, now a luxury Rajasthan hotel, it has an endless landscape of sand dunes that roll out over the horizon. The surrounding hush of the desert bewitches all who visit.
Churches at Diskit Ladakh

    The most beautiful village in India’s furthest north, Diskit is tucked coyly into the slopes of the serene Nubra Valley. The village sits adjacent to a huge 14th-century Buddhist monastery, and the old town is a quiet haven of stupas and poetic glimpses of village life. But it’s the soaring views, best observed from Chamba Camp Diskit, that set this little remote paradise apart.

  • LANDOUR (UTTARAKHAND) Landour is a little village in Uttarakhand best known for being the home to the famous author Ruskin Bond. The place has a mesmerizing climate throughout the year. It also has some British era churches like the Kellogg’s Church, St.Paul and the Methodist church that you must visit.
Bridge of living roots
Road built through tree roots
    MAWLYNNONG is a heaven on earth . It is best for promoting eco-tourism and the community and the state government is putting an effort to boost it. The village was awarded the cleanest village in 2003, The most distinctive feature of this village is, however, the living roots bridge. The locals have engineered a bridge of the living roots of the surrounding trees by manipulating its growth.

There are more than 6 lakh villages in India, and each of them has it’s own beauty and which gives the true picture of the country. Villages are the roots of our country and knowing them will boost the knowledge of our nation.

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