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5 Most bizarre festival in the world

Around the world there are Numbers of festival which are celebrated in a craziest way, we cannot thought of a month without a festival , some emerge out of religious rituals or some cultural events, while others out of ecstasy. Have you ever heard of bizarre or unusual festivals? How can Festivals to be bizarre? World Championship of Carrying a Wife, cheese rolling ,do not get shocked because they exist , which can swing your brain and blow you into the curiosity of imitating those; but you have been warned!


Wife carrying championship was originated as a sport in Sonkajärvi, Finland, in 1992.
wife carrying is practiced around the world. Participants are allowed to carry their wives in a variety of ways — including piggyback, fireman’s carry or Estonian-style, where the wife hangs upside-down with her legs around her husband’s shoulders. They carry her across a 253.5-meter track riddled with obstacles. The prize is awarded based on the wife’s weight in beer.

Naked festival in japan dubbed as ( Hadaka Matsuri” in Japanese is an annual festival which is celebrated every third Saturday of February at the temple Saidaiji Kannonin. Thousands of males participate in this festival seen as sporting a minimal amount of clothing with most of them using a Japanese loincloth called ”fundoshi” along with a pair of white socks.

La Tomatina festival is celebrated in Spain held in the Valencian town of Buñol, in which participants throw tomatoes and get involved in a tomato fight purely for entertainment purposes. Trucks loaded of tomatoes proceed to drive through the fight area while some locals in the back of the trucks are throwing tomatoes at all of the festival goers. As soon as the truck passes, everyone dives on the ground scooping for tomatoes to get themselves armed for the battle…that’s when the fun begins! The following hour will be one of the most intense and hilarious experiences of your life.

Animal lover would definitely love this festival where one can witness the madness of monkeys and their unwatched party of them , this party is not as usual like banana n all but menu includes ice cream , fruits, vegetables that might you haven’t taste of.


Cheese rolling on Copper’s hills is as simple as that the large hefty Gouda cheeses are rolled down Cooper’s Hill, with enthusiastic “cheese chasers” following hot in pursuit. Participants risk their lives in the festival.

These festivals are unusual, risky, but will definitely entertain you and leave you fascinated. This bizarre festival will make you to experience things beyond your expectations , and push you to come out of your comfort zone to dive in to the world of unexpected reality.

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