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5 Most Haunted Places in Pune

Mystifying, mythic or spiritual- India is known to be a haunted place filled with secrets of the unknown, which give rise to so many theories and varied answers. Imagine ghosts, vampires, demons or the usual Indian “pret aatma”. Does it make your eyes sparkle with excitement or does that make you cringe and hide under your blanket?

If you’re a person who likes making exciting adventurous journeys, here are the reasons why you need to head to Pune for that ultimate adrenaline rush! Pune, a very populated and well-developed city in the Maharashtra State of India is filled with some of the most haunted places to visit. Here is the list of most haunted places in Pune:


This is the scariest and most famous place in Pune. In our last edition, we have already provided immense information about this haunted palace but this will be unfair if we provide a list of haunted places and don’t mention this scariest palace.

Shaniwar Wada was built by Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao I in 1732 and it remained under the Marathas for the next 88 years before the British captured it. In 1828, this palace was caught with heavy fire and destroyed.

Behind the paranormal activities in this palace a story prevails which says that Narayanrao, the youngest of the three sons of Peshwa NanaSaheb, came to the power after the death of the two elder brothers, one died in the battle and the Peshwa Madhavrao died of the shock on hearing the news of the death of the younger brother. Peshwa Narayanrao was 16 years old and so all the diplomacies and the kingdom were managed and controlled by his uncle Raghunathrao.
But Raghunathrao had an eye on the thrown and planned to capture the Peshwa and wrote the letter to the enemy but before the letter could reach the assassins, the wife of Raghunathrao changed the letter which had the order to kill instead of capturing the young Peshwa. The Peshwa was killed brutally and in his last moments he chanted three words ’KAKA MALA WAACHWA which means ‘ UNCLE SAVE ME’. These words are still heard in the palace at night. Many locals have seen the spirit of the young Peshwa. It is prohibited to go into the place at night.


The 55 years old historic theatre is located on General Thimayya road in Pune, Maharashtra. It has been a centre of movie screenings and plays for an era but, people have often experienced paranormal activity in this theatre. Due to unexplained noises in this empty theatre at night, Victoria Theatre is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Pune.

While this theatre is quite an entertaining and joyful place during the day but creepy sensations rise with the rising of darkness.
The locals have witnessed a spirit near the theatre. It is said that there are at least 3-4 spirits residing in the theatre and the house that surrounds it. Locals shared that noises of banging of seats and scary giggles are heard during night hours. So if you want to feel fear this is that one eerie place which may give you goosebumps.


When it comes to horror movies, many will agree that the scariest of them all are the ones that have little girls as ghosts. Just imagine if this was a real incident happening in front of your eyes. Have shivers down your spine, don’t you? And to our thrills, this is a true tale of this creepy, little ghost in Pune’s Chandan Nagar.

It is said that a little girl died during a mishap at a construction site and from that time the spirit of the girl in frock holding a doll scares the people after the sunset. This seems like a funny tale but the residents have seen the spirit and rarely step out at night. So if you want to meet the little ‘cutie’ then please visit this area.


This bungalow is abandoned and rarely anyone passes nearby it. There is a saying that a woman was murdered long ago and from that time whoever lived here faced negative energy and many unusual things like sudden switching on of fan, a voice of the utensils in the kitchen, and a shadow of the lady and from that time the home is abandoned.

Some years back, a group of passers saw the woman at the top of the house, staring at them. When they shouted in fear the lady suddenly disappeared. Since then no one passes through the bungalow even in the daytime leaving night. A few years back, a team of experts went into the house and they found that there was a high-intensity of the negative wave which was trying to possess them. So if you are a courageous person then stay the night in the bungalow.


Singhad fort is situated 30km southwest of Pune. Due to its geographical location, it was an important place in history but now this property makes it a scary place. Many locals have heard the war cries, the noise of the soldiers, and the noise of the foot taps of horses. At night you can easily see some unusual movement near the fort which is enough to make you brainless.

Some incidents have taken place in past years-a sharp blind turn near the fort has cost the lives of 60 students and teachers and from that time many have seen the same incident taking place repeatedly although after a while nothing was seen.
One more real incident has taken place in which a man was sitting on a bench nearby the fort when he felt someone near him but when he turned no one was there and when he turned back, he saw a man going towards the end point of the road jumped into the valley. When he enquired he found that man died 2 years ago.

  1. Holkar Bridge

The Holkar Bridge which was built in the 18th century by Mahadev Rao Peshwa is one of the most popular haunted places in Pune. Residents of Pune try to avoid this bridge during nighttime. In the past couple of years, many mysterious deaths have been reported in the dark. People who survived this tell the tales of paranormal activity at the bridge. From chilling images to unexplained noises, this is one bridge you must beware of!

  1. Symbiosis Viman Nagar

Popular for its excellent faculty and academics, Symbiosis in Viman Nagar road indeed has some mysterious paranormal stories. On most evenings, after sunset, dogs start barking at empty spaces for no reason. Many locals have advised new residents to stay away from this road during nighttime. So if you live around here or have visited Symbiosis, then be careful next time!

  1. Khadki War Cemetery

Cemeteries and paranormal activities have a direct connection and the Khadki War Cemetery is no exception. A burial ground dedicated to the soldiers who laid their life for the country is indeed a proud and beautiful place to visit in the morning but looks haunted at night. People who live nearby the cemetery have heard the shrieking sounds of soldiers at night.

Another frightening incident people often narrate is that if anyone accidentally steps on one of the graves, they get a slapping sensation in their feet. The cemetery is a gorgeous location during the day making it the perfect spot for photographers.

  1. The Mansion

The Mansion at the Residency Road is an abandoned bungalow placed right in the middle of a populated road. The locals believe that a spirit of an old lady resides in this bungalow. At midnight, people heard shrill screams, and manic laughter while some have seen weird shadows hidden behind the trees. Beware of this old lady as those who have encountered it has a very different tale to tell.

  1. Choice Hostel

Choice Hostel is one of the most expensive boys’ hostels in Pune and kids from affluent families come to live here as they complete their degrees. Even though the interiors are not less than a masterpiece, it is known for being haunted!

Many residents have reported seeing a woman in a red saree roaming in the corridors. They have also heard loud shrieks of a woman in the middle of the night. The paranormal activities reach their peak on Saturdays, the days on which most of the haunting sights are reported.

  1. Sinhgad Engineering College Road

Sinhgad Engineering College is one of the popular haunted places in Pune. It is believed that the college is haunted by the ghost of an engineering student who took his own life as he failed in his exams and life. Being pushed by an unknown force and slapped around has been a regular occurrence for students who dare to roam around the corridors at midnight. Some claim to have seen the ghost attending a class or two with regular students

So, when are you planning a thrilling visit to these haunted places and sharing your experiences with us?

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