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5 Scary Facts You Didn’t Know About This Haunted Temple

This is Dattatreya Mandir of Gangapur located in district Betul of Madhya Pradesh, India. One of the scariest and haunted temples in India. The deafening silence here is only broken by the screams of people who come for exorcism.

Here are 5 creepy facts you didn’t know about this temple:

  1. People possessed by evil spirits come here during the new moon and the full moon days.
  2. people gather here for the ‘Mahamangal Aarti ‘ which begins at 11:30 am during which people can be heard shouting, screaming and hurling abuses at the Gods, believing that evil spirits are within them.
  3. Possessed people tend to climb up the walls and ramparts of this temple. They also try to crawl and roll on the ground. This scenario can be said as more than blood-curdling.
  4. It is believed that possessed people scream and shout as a result of evil spirits freeing their bodies.
  5. After visiting this temple and attending Mahamangal Aarti, it’s been said that people get rid of evil spirits and are back to their normal life.

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