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5 Tips for Weight Loss without Exercising.

In the era of technology, everything seems to be fast-forwarded. While running for work or studies, it is difficult to give yourself a proper workout time. Thinking about weight loss can be a bit hectic. Many people try to manage their workout routine with their jobs and studies. Though, it is the best possible way to keep your body fit and have a balanced weight. But it is not that easy as it sounds. Exercise helps only if it is consistent. If you are just exercising once a week or giving a gap in the process, you should not expect much out of it. So what’s an effective plan to lose weight that doesn’t include exercising or does this kind of plan even exist? There might not be any specific plan to follow in such a case, but there are surely many things you can do instead of exercising, that can help you with weight loss without taking much of your time. So here are some steps you can follow in order to lose weight without exercising.

  1. Give Time To Chewing

As a kid, we all have been told to chew properly. And this is not just a part of basic etiquette but has a healthy point of view. The process of digestion doesn’t start in your stomach but in your mouth. Chewing food properly helps your body to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from it and thus, your body gets more energy. Plus, chewing food properly breaks the food into very small particles. These small particles are easy to digest by our body.

If you can’t figure out how chewing properly helps you to maintain a balanced body weight or even in the weight loss process, then here is the reason. When you chew your food properly, you take more time to eat. So as much long time you take to finish your food, the more satisfaction will you get. Eating slow makes you feel full, satisfied and all this with small portions of food. Isn’t it altogether a great deal? Studies show that your brain needs time to process that you have eaten enough. Slow chewing gives your brain this time to give you a signal. This avoids overeating. Eating fast may make you feel that you need to take one more, but after few minutes you will realize that you were full from previous chapati only.

A recent conclusion from 23 observational studies says that people who eat their food fast are more likely to gain weight when compared to the people who chew properly and eat slowly.

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  1. Protein Power

Protein is a macronutrient that is present in almost all physical activities and processes that take place in our bodies. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen combine together to form amino acids. Amino acids come together to form protein. Protein has a great impact on appetite. It makes you feel full, reduces your hunger, and brings down the number of calories you take in. This is maybe because protein hit many hormones that are related to hunger, like, ghrelin and GLP-1. A study concludes that increasing intake of protein from 15% to 30% per day, helped people in decreasing their calorie intake by 441 calories. This increase in intake of protein resulted in a weight loss of 11 pounds in 12 weeks, on average. If you do this, you may achieve positive results without specifically putting any sort of restrictions on other food items.

When it’s about losing fat, a protein-rich diet is a saviour. A protein-rich meal is known to be a great way to reduce your appetite, hence, results in fat burning. Protein-rich food also safeguards your muscle mass and metabolism during weight loss.  It also helps you to recover faster from any injury or muscle ache during exercise. Eggs, meat, seafood, lentils, legumes, and dairy products are protein-rich foods.

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  1. Subtract Sugary Drinks

Sugary beverages are a great source of a huge number of calories. Added sugar is said to be one of the worst ingredients to have in your diet if you are thinking about losing weight. It’s very convenient to consume more calories from sugary drinks. These drinks carry calories and don’t even make you feel full. This is because liquid calories don’t give fullness, the way solid foods give. So even after getting so many calories, you still feel hungry and ultimately end up eating more food.

This doesn’t mean replacing your soda with fruit juice. Fruit juices can carry as many calories as soda does. Instead of juices, eating raw fruit can help you more. This won’t kill the essential nutrients of the fruit and will give you fewer calories. Even eating raw fruits can help in your weight loss process.

Green Tea is known to be a very healthy beverage. It has been a good source of antioxidants. Studies show that people consuming green tea reduce 70 calories a day. Studies show that green tea intake can increase metabolism by 3-11 percent.

Replacing your sugar-sweet beverages with some healthy options is an efficient way to reduce weight. Beverages with high sugar like soda contain more calories and less nutritional value. Alcohol also contains calories and increases your appetite resulting in making you overeat. Instead, you can have any calorie-free beverages like green tea, water. A 12-week study says that drinking 500 ml water before a meal resulted in reducing  2kgs of fat. These simple minute changes can help you a lot in achieving your goal.

  1. Avoid Electronic Distraction While Eating

Netflix and chill might be a great concept, but not while you eat. We usually have this habit of watching TV or laptop while eating. But how is this affecting your Food habits?

Studies show that if we have a distraction while eating, we might end up eating more than we will. Ultimately causing overeating. A conclusion of 24 social experiments states that people who eat while watching TV, eat 10 percent more than normal sitting. Not only this, but distractions during meals can result in consuming more calories later in that day too. People who were absent-minded while having their meals ate 25% more calories later in other meals of that same day.

You might not feel any effect currently, but this habit adds to your weight in long term.

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  1. Early to Bed

Who thought that sleeping could ever help you to reduce fat?

Research shows that sleeping for some extra hours results in maintaining a healthy body weight. Doctors say that Loss of sleep during dieting can encourage overeating. A study conducted with 68,183 women states that those who sleep for 4-5 hours are more likely to gain weight when compared to those getting 7-8 hours sleep.

Some research also concludes that lack of sleep may trigger hunger hormones, Increase appetite, and risk of obesity. A night of good sleep is very important in order to maintain balanced body weight. So make sure you are getting enough sleep.

Some very simple steps can help you out with reducing body fat. Even in your fully-packed up busy days, you can contribute to your weight loss process, without exercising? Yes without exercising. Though we must not forget that exercising is as important as a good healthy meal. And obviously, doing work out will have a different sort of positive impact on your body. But on the days, you don’t feel like getting up or times when is being a sword, you can always adapt these ways to make sure that you are taking in a reasonable amount of calories daily. These steps will push you towards losing weight, slowly but surely.

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