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6 Water Sports In India Not To Miss This Summer

Are you planning to spend this summer just by diving into your nearest pool and chilling with your legs spread? I have something for you a bunch of water sports activities that you would not want to miss this year.

Water sports have been adopted by a host of countries where summer goes to its peak quite often. So it does in India where people keep hunting ways for getting rid of the tiring and sweaty afternoon temperatures. While doing this, by all means, we would love to suggest you some of the water sports that will make you churn out all the energy and enthusiasm zipping off the wild waves. Apart from a great way to face the burning and tanning sun, these water sports will make for a memorable experience and will leave you wanting for more.

  • River Rafting

Water Sports which will make your heartbeat skip every second while performing it has river rafting on top of its list. The narrow raft lets you reside over it and all you just have to do is manoeuvre the rapidly flowing water. One of the best ways to test your endurance and agility, river rafting could be best performed at various places in Uttarakhand.

  • Kayaking

Once a way of transporting goods and food, Kayaking has now evolved into fun-evoking water sports which involve the use of Kayak for floating over the water and wandering for long distances. The narrow and light boat consists of paddles with the help of which you can move with minimum efforts. Rishikesh is the destination which calls adventure lovers for trying out this alluring water sports every year.

  • Surfing

This might require a bit of expertise as standing on a wooden surfboard and riding on the waves towards the shore isn’t a child’s play kind of thing. But, once you learn water sports and hone your skills, it could become one of the activities on your list for every summer. Beaches in Kerela will welcome you wholeheartedly if you are searching for the best place to perform Surfing.

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  • Scuba Diving

Below the sea lies a whole incredible world which, if you won’t explore, you’ll miss a wonderful side of mother nature with a variety of fishes and other underwater creatures. water sports come to Swimming under a few square foot pool and a thousand kilometers spread sea has a huge difference as the latter provides a sense of freedom to float independently. The most efficient trainers and facilities are provided in Goa for Scuba diving.

  • Water Skiing

If speed is your taste in any of the sports you perform, then water skiing is eagerly waiting for you this summer. After being tied behind a boat and standing on a pair of skis, you will have to gather all your courage for being dragged over the water surface at 40 miles an hour of speed. This is yet another sports that Goa is known for.

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  • Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the most thrilling sport which is a blend of both air and water-borne activities. This sport is very safe but exciting at the same time and can be easily done by non-swimmers too. This daring sport tops the bucket list of whoever loves a pinch of adventure added to their vacation. The best places for parasailing are few islands of Andaman and Goa.

Water sports are a few of most exciting, refreshing and adventurous sports that can be enjoyed in many parts of India like Kolad or Alibaug in Maharashtra, Islands of Andaman and Nicobar, Hrishikesh in Uttranchal, Goa, Konkan and many other places.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your adrenaline rush, feel the thrill. Read with our Travel Articles to explore more.

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