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6 wonderful things to do in Telangana

6 wonderful things to do in Telangana

Telangana is not just India’s newest state, but it is also one of the country’s most popular tourism destinations. Telangana is fortunate to have several world-famous tourist attractions that are easily accessible to the general public. Apart from that, the state offers a variety of activities to choose from. If you’re planning a trip to Telangana anytime soon, make sure to check out these things to do in Telangana. Telangana is also easily accessible from any area of India, as it is well-connected to numerous states. Starting the journey from Hyderabad, one may easily reach Telangana. Visiting different sites in Telangana is also not a problem because the state is well-connected by KSRTC or APSRTC buses, which allow you to travel throughout the state for a very reasonable cost.

The activities on the following list are both entertaining and popular with travellers from all over the world. With the help of the Telangana government’s transportation system, you can visit each of the places on the list below without any difficulty.

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Observe The Beauty Of The Place At Charminar.

Charminar and Hyderabad are inextricably linked. For decades, the world-famous monument has served as a symbol of Hyderabad’s heritage. Charminar is just 5 kilometres from Hyderabad’s main bus station, and many buses and other transportation may take you there. The world-famous four 56-meter-high columns depicting different directions of the road are the landmark’s uniqueness. The best time to visit is during Eid, when you may sample the delicacy Haleem available in the shops.


Explore The Magnificent Structure of Golconda Fort.

Golconda Fort is not only a source of pride for Telangana but also India. The fort is located close to Hyderabad and thus is easily accessible from there. This 120-meter-high fort was built in the 16th century by the glorious Qutb Shah. The fort’s whole territory is more than 11 kilometres long. If you want to fully explore the Golconda Fort, you need to arrive with plenty of time on your hands because exploring the entire fort would take an entire day. You would not want to miss anything on your visit to the Golconda Fort, from the fort’s gates to the halls within the property’s borders. Several mosques and temples can be found within the fort’s grounds. If you want to see everything there is to see in the area, you need to hire a guide. They will go over the history of the location in great detail with you.

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Enter the Tollywood World at Ramoji Film City.

If you enjoy watching movies, Ramoji Film City is the place to go. It is not only the world’s most important film city, but it is also fashionable among film studios and producers. Numerous Bollywood films, as well as Tollywood films, have been shot on the premises of the film city. The entire film city is about 2500 acres of land, and if you travel there with some time on your hands, you will be able to explore it completely. There are several amusement parks, countless world-class restaurants, actual movie sets, and a variety of other rides to keep you entertained. Remember that a visit to Ramoji Film City is not enough for one day. You’ll be able to spend the night there because the film city is home to various resorts and motels. You may find many packages on the internet that will assist you to explore the entirety of Ramoji film city.

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Spend A Relaxed Day At Hussain Sagar Lake.

Hussain Sagar Lake is one of Telangana’s most attractive spots, and it’s adjacent to the city centre of the state’s capital, Hyderabad. This lake is not only stunningly gorgeous, but it is also Asia’s largest man-made lake. It is historically significant because it was created by the legendary ruler Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah in 1562 AD. Until 1930, the lake was mostly used for irrigation, but it is today a major tourist attraction that connects Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Several dynasties ruled over India for a long period, and this lake has seen them all. It is close to Lumbini Park and Sanjeevaiah Park. You can enjoy a great picnic and spend quality time with your family out there.


Salar Jung Museum: Learn More About Its Past.

Salar Jung Museum is not only well-known in Telangana, but it is also well-known throughout the world. This museum is notable for having the world’s largest single-person collection. The museum is near to the Charminar in Hyderabad and is a godsend for history buffs. Even if you are not interested in historical studies, the museum’s collection of art will captivate you. The museum houses not only Indian and Asian relics but also some of Europe’s most important artwork.


Basara – Go At Your Own Pace When Exploring The Town.

Basara is a pilgrimage town in Telangana, 35 kilometres from Nizamabad and 212 kilometres from Hyderabad. Basara is the place to go if you’re spiritually inclined. The Basara temple is well-known among Hindus, but the Sri Mahankali temple is also well-known. The entire area is densely packed with temples that are not only spiritually significant but also historically significant. Basara is also said to be the abode of Maharshi Vyas, who settled there with his pupils after the Kurukshetra battle. The epic Mahabharata also mentions the location.

Make sure to include all of these Telangana activities in your itinerary and have a great day.


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