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7 Famous FOOD of West Bengal you must check out!

It’s not just about machh bhaat and sweets in West Bengal. It’s much more than that, and it’s a foodie’s paradise for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Did you know that Bengali cuisine is the only cuisine on the Indian subcontinent with a genuine multi-course framework, much like modern French cuisine? Bengalis like their food and prefer to have it served in courses rather than all at once, as most other Indian regional cuisines do.

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When it comes to food, West Bengal has a lot to offer. Bengali cuisine is culturally dynamic and simply lovely, ranging from Mughlai delicacies to street meals and an intricate variety of sweets and confectioneries, as well as the cuisine of Kolkata’s growing Anglo-Indian community.

Here are some of the Famous FOOD of West Bengal you must try when you visit WB:

1. Luchi-Alur Dom

For a relaxed Sunday breakfast, Luchi alur dom is the preferred Bengali combination. Luchi, which is comparable to puris, is served with alur dum, or aloo dom, which is a hotter and tangier variation of dum aloo. Head to Fairlie Road in Kolkata to have a dish of exquisite luchi-alur dom, which is a famous hangout for Bengali street food enthusiasts. A multitude of booths lines the route, selling anything from rice and curries to kachuris (stuffed luchis).

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2. Keemar Doi Bora

This wonderful blend of minced meat and sweet and spicy curd will make non-vegetarian food and dahi bada lovers salivate. This is one of Bengal’s less well-known street snacks. It has a long cultural connection with Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore and his family, one of the most well-known Bengalis in the world. Purnima Thakur, who came into possession of the Tagore family cookbook, introduced the meal to the public as an original creation of the Thakurbari, as the Tagore family is called. You may try this delicious delicacy in Bara Bazaar or Burrabazaar in Kolkata. It is one of the most loved and Famous FOOD of West Bengal.

Keema'r Doi Bora—detailed recipe with video: Bong Eats
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3. Kathi Rolls

Who doesn’t enjoy a good kathi roll? They were created in the City of Joy, after all! Bengalis are proud of this meal, which consists of thin rotis wrapped around skewer-roasted juicy meat kebabs. According to one school of thinking, the British invented the meal because they were too hygienic to touch the kebabs with their bare hands. Whatever the origin, one should not miss out on the best kathi rolls, which can be found at Nizam’s and Badshah in Kolkata’s New Market. Zaika, a shop on Park Street in Kolkata, also offers delicious kathi rolls.

7 Famous FOOD of West Bengal you must check out
source: Manjula’s Kitchen

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4. Jhal Muri

It’s the Bengali counterpart of the bhel, if you will. Jhal Muri is another popular street meal in Bengal. Rice flakes (muri) are combined with roasted lentils and coconut chunks and mixed with spicy chutney and mustard oil. It’s a convenient snack to have while driving around the city in the evening with a friend and having long-winded chats. The ultimate greatest site to try jhal muri is Dacre Lane or Dacre Street in Kolkata, which has been praised by the WHO, who declared the food here to be the World’s Best Street Food!

7 Famous FOOD of West Bengal you must check out
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5. Daab Chingri

There’s no arguing that Bengali cuisine’s different types of fish curries are among the best in the world. If you’re tired of fish and want to try something else, try the daab chingri, which are jumbo prawns cooked in mustard and served in a delicate coconut. Oh! Calcutta is one of Kolkata’s best-known eateries for its Daab Chingri. The nolen-gurer ice cream and the bhapa sondesh are two other dishes to try at this restaurant. It is one of the most Famous FOOD of West Bengal.

7 Famous FOOD of West Bengal you must check out
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6. Shukto

Shukto is a vegetarian treat made from bitter gourd, plantains, potatoes, and radishes and cooked in Bengali panch phoron, or the five spices that define Bengali cuisine. It’s essentially a Bengali-style mixed vegetable preparation. It has a creamy, milky gravy that balances out the bitterness of the gourd well. This is an unusual meal in Bengali cuisine, which is dominated by meat dishes. Get yourself invited to a Durga Pujo luncheon in a Bengali household if you want to sample traditional shukto. Suruchi, located at 89 Elliot Road in Kolkata, is another spot to try this dish. The restaurant is maintained by an all-women self-help organisation and serves delicious home-style cooking. Their Bengali thali is not to be missed.

7 Famous FOOD of West Bengal you must check out
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7. Milk Sweets, Rasgullas, Chamcham, Sondesh

Bengali sweets are well-known throughout the world. They may make even the most averse to sweets drool and crave a piece of the decadent treats. Everything is a must-try, from rosogullas to sondesh and chamcham. If you don’t indulge your sweet taste while in Bengal, you’re committing a crime. Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick in Bhowanipore is the place to go in Kolkata for all things mishti. Baked rasgullas, which Calcuttans have learned to love, mango-flavored mishti doi, and a variety of flavoured sondesh are among the delectable sweets put up at this sweet heaven.

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