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7 Skills A Music Supervisor Must Have

7 Skills A Music Supervisor Must Have

You can easily segregate various tunes based on the reflected mood when it comes to music. Here’s an example for you. A stretched note usually follows a sad movie ending, and thumping beats accompany a thrilling action.

Even with your eyes closed, you will be able to guess what’s going on screen by listening to the music.

So, if you are someone who finds this fascinating too and are interested in pursuing a career in Music supervision, then this article is for you. Read on ahead as here is the list of seven personal and professional skills you must have as a music enthusiast!


Working in the artistic line of work means that you face a lot of critical reviews. Additionally, it can sometimes be hard to bag new projects simply due to missed opportunities or a creative block.

In such cases, it is crucial for you to work through the insecurities and emerge as an ambitious and disciplined professional.

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Extensive research

Music supervision is basically the art of selecting the right music from pre-listed recordings or songs. You cannot effectively do the same without investing a lot of time learning about different music genres.

Additionally, you should know the industry statistics and what strategies would yield the best results.

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Building relationships

Apart from having natural musical instincts, a music supervisor needs to be good at communication. So, when working in a team, your point should come across well and not create any confusion for the senior music producers or artists.

Licensing and negotiation

When music supervisors complete a spotting session, it is essential to focus on securing rights with a particular artist. This is important as neglecting the legal details can lead to copyright infringement which in turn will land you in big trouble with the original song creators.

As such, you should sign contracts with record labels, publishers, and artists.

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Ability to find work

Networking is a crucial skill in most jobs. Music supervision is no different. To start your career, you need to reach out to multiple film producers or people that might need your skills.

You can also start working as an intern under other successful supervisors. Additionally, don’t shy away from more minor roles like working on a student movie.

Music knowledge

Needless to say, you should have extensive music knowledge to work in this field. Additionally, you must be incredibly detail-oriented and must be able to identify different rhythms and melodies just by listening.

Administrative work

If you think you are just going to work closely with the music creation or selection, you are wrong. Before reaching there, you need to cross a sea of paperwork.

Hence, it is essential that you update cue sheets, answer telephone calls, organise meetings, and more. In one way, the actual work could look just like any other desk job, for all you know.

Final words

The entertainment industry is rapidly growing as there’s an influx of movie and television shows being produced. This results in plenty of demand for Music supervision professionals.

But before you go ahead and pursue your career as a music supervisor, you should have all the above-listed skills to emerge successfully.

Lastly, in addition to creating a work-life balance, you must also be prepared to put your best foot forward.

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