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7 summer tips to keep your hair healthy and shiny!

summer tips for hair

Summer is synonymous with scorching heat. The daily struggle to keep hair looking great and frizz-free during the summer is genuine. When extreme heat is paired with other variables such as sweating and humidity, hair can become frizzy, damaged, and prone to breaking. As you welcome summer with wide arms, make sure to modify your skincare and haircare routine to ensure that you look your best during the hot and humid days.

Hair thinning and breaking caused by UV rays passing through the hair cuticles, dandruff and scalp infections caused by excessive head sweating, and sunburns and frizzy hair caused by a dry scalp caused by higher temperatures depleting essential oils and moisture in the hair are a few of the common hair problems.

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A specially designed hair care routine is essential to prevent frizz and dryness on hot and sunny days. Replace your winter hair care products with summer hair care products as soon as possible. Here are 7essential tips to keep hair smooth, healthy and manageable during the summers. Check out summer tips for hair:

  1. Trim your hair

Cutting your hair in the summer is good. High temperatures can cause your hair to become extremely frizzy, resulting in split ends. Hair with split ends is more likely to break. As a result, it is preferable to cut and rejuvenate your hair!

Experts also recommend getting a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks to cut down on your hair’s damaged ends. Short hair is easier to handle in hot and humid conditions. It is one of the most convenient summer tips for hair.

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2. Pamper yourself with scalp massages

Another excellent method for achieving healthy and silky hair is scalp massage, often known as champi. As the temperature rises, so do the sun’s rays. Hair cuticles can be damaged by prolonged sun exposure, rendering them lifeless and limp.

But,  hair can be saved by oiling. You can incorporate a scalp massage into your routine by using lighter hair oils. Scalp massage helps to restore hair health by preventing hair breakage, strengthening it, and improving blood circulation.

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3. Pick a shampoo devoid of sulphates

The very first step in a proper hair care routine is to use a gentle shampoo that is soft on your scalp and hair. Besides that, choosing the correct shampoo for your hair and scalp is equally vital.

Strong surfactants in shampoos, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), snare vital oils from the scalp, resulting in dryness and, more critically, scalp and hair build-up. 

This is why hair care professionals strongly advise using a sulphate-free shampoo to avoid any build-up that can lead to more serious issues like hair loss and dandruff.

Identifying your hair difficulties, such as hair loss and dandruff, and then selecting the appropriate shampoo can work miracles. On the other hand, making a poor decision can result in hair difficulties.

4. Keep your hair moisturized at all times

Because your hair is exposed to too much sunlight in the summer, the sun’s rays tend to damage the hair cuticles. The outermost and most protective layer of your hair is the cuticle. Hair becomes brittle and frizzy when the cuticles are damaged.

After shampooing, use a good nourishing conditioner to smooth and seal the hair cuticles. Conditioner, in simple terms, functions as a sealer, locking moisture into the hair. It also provides hair with smoothness and lustre, making it more manageable and healthy. 

Make certain that the conditioner is silicone-free. Silicone forms a waterproof covering on hair, which inhibits moisture flow and causes hair to become fragile and damaged. Silicone can cause a build-up on the scalp over time.

5. Make adequate use of Hair Masks

High temperatures have the potential to harm the cuticles of your hair. Use a hair mask to repair this type of hair damage. A mask is a type of conditioner that delivers extreme moisture and protein for immediate damage treatment. It seeps deeper into the hair shaft to offer nutrients and give hair a bouncy, shining appearance. It also protects your strands from contaminants by forming a protective barrier around them. Several studies have revealed that hair masks containing pea protein and ceramides are effective at retaining shine, and lustre, and restoring damaged hair.

6. Cover your head

In the summer, covering your head before going outside can help protect your hair from the heat and pollutants. The sun’s UV radiation can draw out moisture from hair and cause the protein structure to deteriorate. Wearing a scarf, bandana, or cap with your outfit is a good way to keep your hair from being weighed down in the summer heat.

7. Avoid using heat styling tools

Using heating appliances such as hairdryers and straighteners can dry up your hair and create long-term damage. The heat from styling equipment, like the sun’s rays, can possibly weaken the hair, leaving it more prone to breaking.

We hope that these summer tips for hair were useful!

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