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8,306 Palestinians have died as a result of Israeli attacks on Gaza

8,306 Palestinians have died as a result of Israeli attacks on Gaza

The Hamas-controlled Health Ministry said that Israeli rockets killed 8,306 Palestinians in Gaza. 3,457 children and 2,136 women were slain, according to Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qedra. In addition, Israeli airstrikes have resulted in 21,048 Palestinian injuries. The statement further revealed that 25 hospitals have been compelled to suspend their services due to the intense bombardment, with 25 ambulances being targeted.

Al-Qedra urgently appealed for blood donations, expressing concern over the insufficient supply to save injured Palestinians. This terrible toll is the result of Israeli military operations on October 7, in reaction to a massive Hamas offensive on Israeli cities and military targets. At least 1,400 Israelis have been killed in this counterattack. The Israel Defense Forces claim that civilians made up the majority of the 239 prisoners detained during the Hamas operation.

The situation in the region is extremely unpredictable, with both sides suffering considerable losses and tensions rising. International efforts for a ceasefire and peaceful resolution are urgently needed.

Image Source: Hindustan Times

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