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A prolific interview with Ms Darshna Sanghvi – Founder of D’s Delicacies

A prolific interview with Ms Darshna Sanghvi - Founder of D's Delicacies

It is inspiring to know about homemakers making their way to entrepreneurship and opening businesses. There have been several examples of housewives and homemakers making their way into the cake and confectionery business, food industry etc.

Today we connect with one such Entrepreneur Ms Darshna Sanghvi who has successfully built D’s Delicacies and is famous for her mouthwatering dishes.

  • Tell us more about your business D’s Delicacies?

Ds Delicacies is founded with a vision to bring our culture back to its roots via our delicious treats. It Started with One man army with the full support of my family and I was amazed at the tremendous amount of confidence they had in me and my abilities, and we slowly evolved with additional support Staff. We initially started Catering to Individual orders and people and slowly expanding to societies. Since last 2 years Now we catering to Corporates also, With the biggest focus on bringing our Traditional Delicious Treats along with Contemporary New Creations – our Major attention to healthy options along with Taste.

  • What are unique features of your business?

We make good homemade delicacies and our effort is to revive traditional sweets simultaneously offering new delicacies, with Major focus on how each dish we create can be more nutritious & healthier without altering the taste, we use zero preservatives and minimum Sugar

  • Your menu at D’s Delicacies is very unique and interesting, how did you get the idea of starting this type of business in the food and hospitality industry?

Our friends and relatives Loved my cooking and would ask for recipes but were not able to recreate the items …so they suggested they would like to order and then ds delicacies were incepted.

  • After all this success, what do you struggle with now?

The Current Struggle is with keeping up with the demands/Orders and Hiring more people, at the same time setting up systems and making formats for cooking, besides this, I would like to extend my reach and would want everyone to taste our offerings, besides cooking which is my passion another thing which motivates me is creating & giving Jobs to as many people as I can.

  • Have you learnt about leadership and entrepreneurship after becoming an entrepreneur? What have you learnt?

A great deal… I was hesitant to delegate and this is my biggest transformation that now I can delegate to my team. I have identified their strengths and together we make ds delicacies. 

  • Who is your role model and why?

Every woman Who is Doing a Job /Business along with the responsibility of running their home is a role model for me.

As I am learning, it takes a tremendous amount of Competence, Management Skills, Ability and Efficiency in doing Both.

  • ​​​​​​​If you had one piece of advice to someone who is just starting his or her business, what would it be?

Dream…… Implement …..Be persistent and you will see the realisation of your Dreams …everything starts small…the idea is to start.

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