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AlCircleBiz, World’s 1st Online Marketplace for the Aluminium Industry, launched in Nov’20, already onboarded 250+ global sellers

KOLKATA, India, Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AlCircleBiz ( is the world’s first global online marketplace that connects businesses across the entire aluminium value chain. It’s a first-of-its-kind portal that is dedicated to the aluminium industry, which is one of the growing sectors globally due to its various applications across construction, automotive, communication, and other key industries. Within 6 months of launch, AlCircleBiz is witnessing tremendous growth, from both supply and demand perspectives. They have already onboarded 250+ global sellers, across all 6 continents and have 900+ live product listings on the platform. They have been able to get 700+ registered buyers and 200+ active business leads. In the last 2 months alone, they have generated over 150 business enquiries connecting potential buyers and sellers across the globe.

AlCircleBiz, a web property of AlCircle Pte Ltd., with its registered office in Singapore, has been focusing on leveraging its industry leadership in the global digital media space and innovative technologies to provide its buyers and sellers a user-friendly platform to carry out seamless transactions across the globe.

With 40+ years of experience in the aluminium business, the parent company, JS group (, had started AlCircle ( in 2010 and ventured into the digital media business for the aluminium ecosystem. In 10 years, AlCircle has emerged as the global leader in the content space for the aluminium industry with 9+ million hits per month and readership across 195 countries. According to Mr. Kamal Prakash (MD & Founder, AlCircle Pte Ltd) – “Globally aluminium is a $800 Bn industry and growing! Our aim is to connect businesses through our online platform and create a virtual ecosystem.”

With the success of the brand AlCircle and with decades of domain knowledge, the group has decided to venture into digital commerce for the aluminium industry. This has led the group to launch AlCircleBiz ( in 2020 with the E-marketplace model. One of the biggest USPs, as claimed by AlCircleBiz is – it covers the entire aluminium value chain i.e., from raw materials, consumables, primary aluminium, equipment, aluminium products, technology, and services – bringing everything under one roof.

AlCircleBiz is planning to launch their mobile application very soon and advanced usage of AI/ML to drive the technological advancements to support businesses in the coming year. According to Mr. Abhik Pramanick (Head – AlCircleBiz) – “Technology & innovation are at the heart of our operations. We will eventually bring all allied industries and services providers to add value and help grow the business.” Digital adoption in the global metal industry has been slower compared to many other industries, but AlCircleBiz is leading the charge to make sure when people “Think aluminium, (they) Think AlCircle.”

About AlCircleBiz

AlCircleBiz, founded by AlCircle Pte Ltd, under the JS Group, is the world’s 1st online marketplace for the global aluminium industry. Connecting buyers and sellers through enquiries against listed products and business leads are the primary features of AlCircleBiz. It also offers the unique feature of “Surplus” to help businesses sell off their unused assets and used goods / equipment.

AlCircleBiz is driven by the mission to create robust supply chains through increased transparency and reduced dependencies on intermediaries across the aluminium value chain. Bringing all verticals and associated industries together, along with the value-added service providers (like – logistics, verification services, financing, etc.) is the vision of AlCircleBiz.

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