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Allegations of Drunk Russian Soldiers Sent to Frontlines as ‘Punishment Squads’ in Ukraine Conflict

Allegations of Drunk Russian Soldiers Sent to Frontlines as 'Punishment Squads' in Ukraine Conflict

In a shocking turn of events in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, reports have emerged alleging that Russian soldiers, reeking of alcohol, are being dispatched to the frontline as part of so-called ‘Storm-Z’ punishment squads. These squads are apparently tasked with taking on the most perilous and ferocious battles against Ukrainian troops, effectively functioning as human shields.

One soldier, speaking on condition of anonymity to Reuters, disclosed that intoxicated and mutinous troops are routinely identified and sent to these squads as punishment for their misconduct. They are often forced to advance over trenches ahead of their comrades and heavy weaponry, increasing their exposure to grave dangers.

These allegations paint a gloomy picture of Russian military morale and discipline. The deployment of intoxicated soldiers on the frontlines endangers their lives while also raising questions about the Russian military’s leadership structure and decision-making.

Separately, the Institute for the Study of War claimed that Ukrainian troops have achieved gradual advance along the Donetsk-Zaporizhia Oblast border, while counteroffensive operations in western Zaporizhia Oblast and near Bakhmut continue. Geotagged footage from Monday night displayed Ukrainian forces making gains in the northwest of Novomayorse.

As the conflict persists, the situation on the ground remains fluid, and the international community closely watches these developments unfold.

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