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How to do effective Time Management

How to do effective Time Management

We are always short of TIME, quite a familiar thing we face in our day to day lives. Time Management is very essential so that we get our work done at a certain time and at the same time give ourselves some ‘me’ time that we deserve after a tiring day.

Are you the one who never gets your time table settled? 

Well, then you have come to the right place!

Today we will jot down a few tips that will help you manage your time efficiently!

  • Timeboxing

Now you must be wondering what is timeboxing? Well, it is making the best out of your time. Make a list of things you can do at a certain time and try to achieve it.

It is better to start small at the beginning. It is the most studied and verified technique to maximize productivity and sustain good routines. 

  • Prioritize

It is time you start prioritizing work to make out time for yourself. That was symbolic! Prioritizing what is important and what is not can really help you get an upper hand on your ‘TIME’.

You can list them out in the following ways:

  • Important and urgent: Do these tasks right away.
  • Important but not urgent: Decide when to do these tasks.
  • Urgent but not important: Postpone these tasks if possible.
  • Not urgent and not important: Set these aside to do later.
  • Take a break

It is important that when you make your timetable, you have given enough break to your mind to refresh. If you don’t, you overwork yourself and get exhausted as a result. Trust me, it is bad for your health and don’t neglect it. 

In this break, you can have a snack or a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Exclude non – essential tasks

No matter how hard it sounds, you have to exclude your non – essential tasks of leisure if you have tons of work at your plate. Maybe you can schedule it for the weekend when you have all the time by yourself.

  • Manage time SMARTly

Well, I meant Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Set realistic goals for your work so that you can manage the time accordingly. SMART planning is always a great way to get through your schedule and get the best out your time. 

SO, there you go, a few ways to manage your time! The best thing of all is to prioritize and plan, then you are sorted for the rest of your week!

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