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Andaman Islands: Delight in the Winters

Beaches can never make your vacation go wrong. But what if you get a complete package of the picturesque beaches, beautiful mangrove creeks with the sun rays filtering in, and mountains covered with thick dense tropical rainforests? All of these are the characteristics of the mighty Andaman and Nicobar islands. But is the beauty confined to just these? Andaman has a lot in store for you along with some very pleasing and out-of-the-world locations.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an archipelago that adorns the Bay of Bengal and has captivated even the most captivating sea with its charm and magic. Most of the Andaman is still in its raw form with only 36 out of 572 islands accessible to the tourists. These islands never fail to amaze you and show you things you could never have witnessed had you not gone to the Andaman.

Weather of Andaman in winters

Even though Andaman is an all-year-round destination, tourists still consider it favorable to visit during the summer and “winter” months. But, you cannot differentiate between the two. Yes, that is the beauty. Andaman and Nicobar islands have a favorable temperature ranging from 28 to 33 degrees in the summer season, but the winter season is not so different because they experience a temperature of 19 to 22 degrees. Close Enough! So what changes in the winter months? It’s the humidity that changes. On a normal summer day, the humidity can shoot up to 80%, but if you visit during the winter months, it mostly remains dry and chill.

Fun Activities to do in Winters

There are a lot of places in Andaman where you can go sightseeing, beach bumming, trekking, and relaxing and once you reach there, you just cannot get enough of it. Firstly, after experiencing the monsoons season when most of the sea routes and all the water activities are closed, the sea is allowed to rejuvenate and revive, and then in the winter season, you can observe the most spectacular and lively sea life comprising of all kinds of exotic species of fishes, coral, octopuses, sea anemones and what not.

Andaman is best known for its wide variety of coral reefs. The month of October is when all the water sports activities reopen, so you can explore the wide range of marine ecosystems in Andaman at your own pace while diving into the emerald sea which gets illuminated by the rays of the sun. What an experience it would be!

A chance for you to become a Beach Bum

Andaman is a heaven full of beaches; you can explore a lot of beaches which would be the most beautiful of all you would have visited so far. The fascinating thing is that there is variety in the type of beaches here too! There are unique beaches like the Kalapathar beach, Aamkunj beach, Karamtang beach, etc. Several places will make your jaw drop right from the Baratang islands to the Limestone Caves to the highest peak of Andaman, the Saddle peak. You will be awe-struck by the phenomenal atmosphere and the vibe of the places. If you have got quite some time on your hand, you must visit places that are nature’s best-kept secrets like the Waterfalls Whisper Wave and White Surf, Elephant Beach, Viper Island, Chidiya Tapu, Alfred Caves, and many more.

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Winter is a Turtle Nesting Period

Do you know what’s the extra part you get to see when you visit in the winter months? Turtles! Did you know that the Andaman Islands are one of the largest breeding grounds of sea turtles in Asia and the only place in India where you can witness this phenomenon? The months from December to January are the period where huge sea turtles come to the beaches to lay eggs in the sand. Four types of turtles lay their eggs on the beaches of Andaman – Leatherback, Hawksbill, Green Turtle, and Olive Ridley. Though the 2004 Tsunami was a setback, the turtles are making a comeback to the islands and the nesting has almost doubled.

If you want to witness this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can visit the hotspot beaches at night (as the turtles come to the shore in the nighttime to lay eggs) but remember that you should not make any noise while the turtles are laying eggs, do not touch the turtles, do not try to go near them and lastly, you need to keep in mind not to approach the baby turtles that have just hatched from the eggs. The authorities become alert during the turtle nesting time and make sure you do not disturb these creatures and that no harm is done to them.

While you visit the turtle nesting places you need to make sure not to leave behind any kind of plastics as the turtle mistakes them for jellyfishes and swallow it. Many turtles and also newborns swallow the littered plastics and undergo pain that lasts lifelong. The officials too are very strict on these subjects and they take natural destruction very seriously.

The places where you can see these turtles coming to the shore are Karamtang, Kalipur Beach, Radhanagar beach, and Aamkunj beach. The Karamtang Beach is known as the “Turtle paradise of India.” It is best to take the help of local guides during the time and they will also drop you back after your activity.

Groove with Others and Enjoy the Festivals

Andaman has a very rich tradition and definitely a lot number of festivals that create an amazing ambience for your vacation and also lots and lots of fun and food. The place is all bustling and bubbling with tourists in December and January because they want to provide a backdrop of one of the world’s most exotic destinations to their Christmas and New Year. Visiting Andaman in these months can also be a little harsh on your pockets because the prices soar high. The cost of almost everything increases from the hotels, ferries, vehicles, cruises, Andaman markets, etc. The hotels can even add supplement charges for providing special dinners and karaoke.

The eves of Christmas and New Year are the busiest. Even though Andaman does not have nightlife, tourists can be seen dancing and partying like there is no tomorrow in the bars and pubs of Andaman. So if you are a night person, this is the period you should go for. The most popular Island tourism festival also takes place during December and January. Many dance performances, concerts, and other live performances mark the show in this festival. You can also shop a lot of antiques, artwork, and handicrafts from the stalls that are put by the locals for the tourists.

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Water Sports Activities

Water sports are enjoyed the best when you do it in winters. There is outstanding underwater visibility and the various kinds of vibrant marine creatures are seen leisurely diving and swimming around you. Several water sports activities are available on the island like scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, sea walking, banana boat rides, and glass bottom rides, etc.

 But the most recommended one is mangrove kayaking. This sport will be a combination of thrill and tranquillity. You can relax amidst the tall and gigantic mangrove passing through the creeks that are covered with the canopies of these trees. It will be super comforting for your senses and you’ll also be able to find some peace from your fast-paced life. If you get lucky, you will be able to experience the breathtaking view of the beaches getting illuminated by bioluminescence during the dawn or dusk in winters.

So, you see the list of advantages of visiting Andaman is nearly full. Just pack your bags and head out for this phantasmagorical destination which is the most enthralling irrespective of when you are on a solo trip, destination weddings, family vacations, honeymoons, or any other occasion. This is the ultimate paradise you will ever visit on earth.

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