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Andaman – The Favourite Honeymoon Destination

Andaman and Nicobar islands are always on the top when you search for the most exotic destinations to spend your vacation and it is especially popular as a perfect honeymoon destination. The Andaman is a group of most exotic islands in the Bay of Bengal and is situated in the Indian territorial waters.

This is that one place which you drool over when you read a magazine thinking you would surely make it to the place someday. What day could be better than a honeymoon? This place is popular all over the world and people from almost everywhere come to witness its lavish beauty.

Though no location is worth dropping from your bucket list, here are some of the most suitable places you could visit for your honeymoon irrespective of the amount of time you have at hand.

Long Island:

This beauty is not quite popular because of its remote locality and not so great connectivity with the gateways of the island. The only people that you will find settled here are the migrants from Andhra Pradesh who came to the islet in the 2000s. However, this also serves as a great reason to visit the island.  After all, privacy is the most important factor for couples out on their honeymoon.

It is a haven of the undiscovered and unspoiled beaches like Lalaji Beach, the Merk Bay beach at North Passage Island, and the famous Guitar Island. This rather sequestered island is just the perfect place for you if you want to sit in the lap of nature and just have a rejuvenation session because this kind of serene atmosphere is not something you are going to find anywhere else.

Couples usually have the best time lurking on the footpath adorned by the Casuarina trees on both sides and getting lost in the woods. The best part about this island is that it is the best example of ecotourism as there are no vehicles on this island, you will have to walk through the same footpath which is the only connecting link between various parts of the island. If you truly want to adore Mother Nature, you will have to remain a little humble.

There are accommodations available on the island namely the Surmai Resorts and the Blue planet. Surmai is a government resort which has all the decent facilities and it is advisable because of the comfort. On the other hand, Blue Planet is private property and is an eco hut of thatched roofs and walls. The major amenities that this accommodation provides are the low-lying mattresses and mosquito nets and are most commonly used by backpackers.

If your partner loves having some thrill and fun during the vacation, you can go hiking along the trails of the village that lead to Long island and Lalaji Bay. It mostly takes three hours but will make your experience even more special. If you want a rather quiet fun time, you can also opt for the boat cruise that takes you through the mystical mangrove creeks. You can also enjoy a variety of activities like snorkeling, sighting dolphins which are a specialty of the island, bird watching, etc.

Ross and Smith Islands:

This destination will provide you major goals for a vacation and if you are on your honeymoon, what can get better than this? Ross and Smith are twin islands around 25 minutes away from the Aerial Bay Jetty of Diglipur and the most amazing view, here, is served by the 50 Metre long sand bar that connects the islands. This sand bar submerges into the sea during the high tide, fascinating isn’t it?

However, you need to keep in mind that a forest permit from the forest office of Diglipur is required to visit them. This island has a marine sanctuary consisting of all kinds of corals and the colorful fishes of the Indian Ocean found near this part of the Andaman. This place also has ample accommodation facilities so if you want a stay for a longer time to let that beauty of the island sink in, no one is stopping you.

Jolly Buoy Islands:

This is a small isle located 30 kilometers from the Wandoor beach and into the Mahatma Gandhi National Park’s marine sanctuary accompanied by Red Skin Islands. This area is preserved and protected by the Andaman administration. The forest on this island covers up about 70% of the land providing you an amazing route for trekking but do not forget to hire a guide.

Imagine you are approaching an island in a boat and you see a small islet with a silvery beach on one side and a high rising cliff covered with thick dense forest on the other. That is exactly the aesthetic this island will provide and you would not want to miss taking honeymoon pictures with that view. 

The pro tip for this destination is that it is better to not carry any plastic as it is a no-plastic zone and the officials will ask you to submit all the commodities that are made of plastic and you are also expected to take them back.

North Bay Island:

It is also known as the Coral island and you can figure out what the specialty of the island would be. This place lays out a stunning view of the sea and all the corals also making it an ideal place to try out sea walking.

This place is an hour away from Port Blair and is perfect for a day-long island hopping trip. This place is also ideal if you want to experience a happening place with a holiday ambiance.

Baratang Island:

This gorgeous place serves you with an experience straight out of a movie. You will be sitting beside the love of your life in a boat, passing through the mangrove creeks peeping out of the water and the swampy areas to reach this remote destination with beaches amidst the wilderness and this will be the most amazing feeling you would have ever had.

This island has a lot of difficult but exciting places to visit like the Limestone caves, mud volcanoes, the hidden gem Baludera beach, and the Parrot Island. On the way, you will also be able to spot the indigenous Jarawa Tribes but it would not be a good idea to interact with them. Can you even call yourself an adventure enthusiast if you visit Andaman and not explore Baratang? The answer is a plain no.

Little Andaman:

This beautiful place belongs to the Little Andaman group and is segregated with the Rutland archipelago by the Duncan passage in the great Andaman. It is situated 120 km away From Port Blair. The Hut Bay jetty is the only entry and exit point of the island along with being the main depot. This place is like Zion but of waterfalls. There are two gorgeous waterfalls situated in this part of Andaman, the White Surf and the Whisper wave and you can anticipate an idyllic backdrop for your honeymoon setting the most romantic vibe.

White surf is loved both by couples and families because it is also a well-known picnic spot projecting showers of the foaming water falling from the cliff. It is 65 km away from the Hut Bay Jetty while the other waterfall, Whisper Wave is 25 km away from the same Jetty and has the perk of being surrounded by dense evergreen forests.

You also have options for how you can spend your time in this part of Andaman like whether you want to go for a cruise between the island creeks or you want to go for Elephant safari. The island also has other places worth paying a visit such as the Butler Bay beach and Kalapathar Beach which are also known as a surfer’s paradise and you can enjoy all the fun activities including trekking, sunbathing, swimming, etc.

These places will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you would want that the special memories you will make with your partner will also be unique. The picturesque scenes and the calm environment so close to nature will also make the beginning of the new chapter in your life memorable.

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