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Archana Kulkarni : Director –  Vacation Imperus Pvt Ltd.

Interview with Archana Kulkarni : Director –  Vacation Imperus Pvt Ltd.

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?

A: Fatigued the rigors of the 9 to 5 kind of job after a long stint in the financial sector with rich experience of Heading a vertical – Wealth Management Advisory & Product Management with 20 years of experience in my Kitty. After savoring the Pressure and Success till it’s peak with extended late working hours had robotically become a ritual. Being a workaholic, I couldn’t have let my mind rest and hence teamed up headlong for a Start-Up and the best option is to Partner with your Better Half who is your sleeping partner in all literal Sense. For me, INSPIRATION was everywhere, around all of us just waiting to be articulated. Sometimes it came from looking at existing businesses and thinking about how they succeeded where others might have failed. New and aspiring entrepreneurs like us can learn a lot from others, especially those who saw a unique need and filled it with an innovative product or Clever Service. I shifted my own motivation from Getting to Giving!!!!

Q: What hurdles came across in beginning?

A: The only hurdle was ingrained habits of Corporate work style.

Honestly, it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur amid the startup culture that has swept our Country. Easily available financial resources from Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and many more make it a smooth sail for small-time Startup for Funds. Also with Technological advancements and endless opportunities on the internet, it has everything for a kick–off …….

The Only challenges for Startup Entrepreneurs alike are FINDING FRESH IDEAS, IDENTIFY TARGET AUDIENCE AND FOCUS ON DELIVERING QUALITY. So the best Mantra for healthy competition in any similar business for me was to offer a personal touch where the big boys can’t match.

Q: What is Your Struggle Story?

A: Losing both Parents at an early age is itself traumatic when we were 3 siblings still studying in school yet to even finish our basic 10th Grade. Automatically you are exposed to experiencing life without having a safe zone and people become oblivious to your pain as time passes. So either you complain or you get Stronger with the situation. We decided to choose the latter and made sure that we educate ourselves for sure while taking up jobs, many times not what we liked but to gain experience and be independent only because our Parents were our role model then.

We used to see our Dad dressed up smartly in his Pilot Uniform when he went out to work and Mom being Principal, education was in our genes already. Maturity came to us very early by default in the bargain. We all try and plan our Future but God has his own ways of getting the better out of each one. I had aspired to be a Doctor when I was schooling and with sudden loss and responsibility of siblings, while educating them, it was difficult to pursue my aspiration but I managed to educate myself graciously well with specialization in Finance and also International Business. Didn’t know then how it would help me. Today in my Travel Business, it has for sure. The idea sprung very naturally because we traveled the World with our Dad and Traveling is an opportunity to learn through experiences observing different cultures and lifestyles. It’s also a chance to let go of your daily stressors and unwind in a foreign location.

Q: What is your business into?

A: Building a startup is not a quick sprint, but a slow and enduring marathon, so I did not focus on reaching high valuation quickly to reach the finishing line fastest. However, the journey is not always easy. Between packing, booking flights and hotel rooms and writing an itinerary one can easily get exhausted rather than invigorated. So while not many of us in business are capable of coming up with innovative ideas for promoting, I decided to leverage the experience and technology which has speed, transparency and is quite powerful. Results are rapid. Instead of jumping on the trend, I went down my own path, had my own ideas of showcasing to all which small-time entrepreneurs can easily adapt and living up to our company vision “MAKE IT EASY TO EXPERIENCE THE WORLD”. We wanted to make travel a priority in each one’s life and found a way to make it happen.

Q: How would you like to help your fellow members / or contribute towards society?

A: Our Company “VACATIONS IMPERUS PVT LTD “ have created a platform for Women who do not want to waste their time thinking what business to do & about how to make an additional income which itself is time-consuming.We created a module where we have multiple options of Earning Income within the comfort of their homes and yet feel elevated and build their confidence and sense of achievement with complete ownership of how and when they can find time to do business without our interference. We do not have rigorous working hours yet they can freelance without disturbing their own family schedule and responsibilities. So here’s my open invitation to all Women where age is no barrier to joining me to freelance Pan India.

If you Dream to Achieve something ….We welcome your arrival to strengthen us with open arms…………. Our Business of Vacation & Holidays brings Family & Friends together to bond, unwind and to take away their stress….And that’s how we contribute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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