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Asim Raza and Siddharth Shukla gets slammed by Bigg Boss for disobeying orders.

Bigg Boss 13 contestants Asim Raza and Siddharth Shukla are once again into vulgur fights in front of Hina Khan during the BB Elite task. Bigg Boss intervens between them and ask both Sidharth and Asim to behave like adults since just a few weeks are left. Bigg Boss slams Asim Raza for disobeying Bigg Boss.

They are summoned to the confession.  Bigg Boss is not happy to have called them twice in the room and warns them of severe consequences.

Then Bigg Boss orders Asim to be in the Elite Club and Sidharth in the bedroom till the next announcement. Asim leaves the confession room and Sidharth stays back. Sidharth asks, ‘What if I beat him up, what would be the consequences?’ Bigg Boss tells him not to take any such step which he will regret later.

Asim doesn’t go to the elite club and waits outside. As Sidharth gets to speak to Bigg Boss, Asim too, wants a chance. He comes inside and tells Bigg Boss that Sidharth needs anger management class and ‘serious counselling’. Bigg Boss annoyingly tells him nobody has asked for his suggestion and he is no one to tell what Bigg Boss needs to do.

He reprimands Asim for not listening to his orders and staying back. Bigg Boss repeatedly tells Asim to go and sit in the Elite Club. Sidharth loses his cool and looks extremely frustrated. He also expresses his wish to quit the show. During his conversation with Bigg Boss Sidharth looks quite frustrated and says he is not mad to behave in such a way. He says, ‘It looks like I am mad. I am not mad. If somebody sets a bar, I always raise it be it for good or bad.” Bigg Boss advises him to ignore Asim completely and not talk to him at all.

The young Kashmiri lad Asim, who now owns a huge fan-following, is getting support from various celebrities as well.

As per reports, ‘Bigg Boss 3’ winner Vindu Dara Singh recently visited the ‘Bigg Boss’ house and criticised Asim for fighting with Sidharth Shukla.

Asim Riaz’s father Riaz Ahmed have reacted on Vindu Dara Singh’s comment about his son. Asim’s father has slammed the ex ‘Bigg Boss’ winner for using ‘inappropriate words’ for his son and demoralising Rashami.

Sharing his views on Twitter, Riaz Ahmed tweeted, “Guests used to prey for inmates but @RealVinduSingh as guest praised Paras for doublecross, saluted Sid for his poking, demoralise Rashmi for her clarity ,used inappropriate words to Asim but deleted later by @ColorsTV speaks immaturity highheadedness. #MorePowerToYouAsim”

Bigg Boss 13 is the thirteenth season of the Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss. It premiered on 29 September 2019 onColors TV, Salman Khan is hosting the season consecutively for the tenth time. The finale was scheduled for January but seeing the popularity of the show, was given a five-week extension; thus ending in February and becoming the longest season. It is the only season to get 12 wildcard contestants.

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