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Bipolar disorder and suicide – Things to avoid

Bipolar disorder and suicide - Things to avoid

Due to Coronavirus, most people are working through work from home for almost a year. Due to spending a long time working alone in a day, now many side effects are also being seen. The rapidly increasing cases of bipolar disorder are an example of this. Bipolar disorder, also known as deep depression, is a mental disorder characterized by extreme mood swings. In simple language, the patient can feel happy one moment while very sad the next moment. Some people may also experience a lot of distractions.

Bipolar disorder is a complex mental illness in which the patient is either very depressed or very excited for several months or weeks in a row. It is a cyclic disorder, in which the affected person’s mood keeps going in two different and opposite states alternately. It is a disease in which there is a rapid change in the behaviour of the victim. Such a person suddenly comes under stress and his confidence becomes at its peak. Whereas in the second moment he becomes completely silent. In this disease, many times a person is not able to control his behaviour even if he wants to. This disease is usually found in people who consume drugs.

Sleep problems

If you have trouble sleeping, you may be suffering from bipolar disorder. Such people are unable to sleep due to excessive depression, due to which they often feel tired.

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Error in work

A person suffering from bipolar disorder is unable to do any work well. This happens because of the difficulty in talking to others. Due to which, there are constant disturbances in their work.

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Alcohol abuse

The problem of bipolar disorder is mostly found in people who use alcohol and drugs to come out of depression. Such people are not able to come out of depression due to the use of alcohol, but they become victims of bipolar disorder.

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Decrease in energy

A common symptom of a person suffering from bipolar disorder is that he feels unable to complete a task. People suffering from this disease are not able to put their full energy into work, due to which it becomes difficult for them to complete any work. Due to lack of energy, such people are able to do only one thing at a time.


In a person suffering from bipolar disorder, both insanity and depression appear together. He often remains irritable due to insanity and depression. It is common for them to be irritable over small things. Due to irritability, their close relationships also get spoiled.

Live in imagination

A person suffering from bipolar disorder is always lost in his thoughts. He does not know how far he has reached in his thoughts. Thousands of things go on in the mind of such a person which they cannot control.

Saying the same thing over and over

Saying something too quickly or saying the same thing several times is a symptom of bipolar disorder. Such people do not listen to others before their own words. They do not give a chance to others to speak and their conversation is more one-sided.

Control of bipolar disorder

To control bipolar disorder, the stress level should be low. Along with this, the patient should keep his self-confidence strong and keep his self-confidence away from the consumption of drugs along with plenty of sleep. Along with this, important things like medicine, psychological treatment, and family counselling of such patients should be taken care of.

Manage stress

The main cause of bipolar disorder is stress, so take stress to a minimum. To reduce the level of stress, first of all, you need to know what is the cause of stress. Try to get rid of stress after knowing the reason. At the same time, you should also consider your emotional and physical reactions. Don’t ignore the problem thinking it will fix itself. Doing so may worsen the situation.

Dietary improvement

An unbalanced eating routine increases your stress. The problem of bipolar disorder is created due to increased stress. Therefore, include healthy food and drink in your diet routine. Try to get rid of the habit of fast food and always chewing something.

Sleep problems

It is common for people with bipolar disorder to have sleep problems. Due to depression, they either cannot sleep at all or sleep too much. Such people also feel very tired. However, after sleeping properly for a few hours, they feel fresh. So it is important to sleep at the prescribed time and also ensure that your sleep is not disturbed.

Avoid drug abuse

The problem of bipolar disorder is also found in those who use drugs to get rid of depression or to keep the mind calm. Stay away from drugs because the use of cigarettes or alcohol increases instead of reducing stress and stress increases bipolar disorder.

Exercise is a must

Regular exercise is a better way to get rid of the problem of bipolar disorder. Incorporate exercise into your routine. You can do any exercise at your convenience. Exercising releases endorphins in the body, which makes you feel better.

Discussion of tension

In bipolar disorder, many times the tension increases so much that the person loses his mental balance. Therefore, before increasing the tension, discuss its causes with your trusted person. Trustworthy persons can be anyone such as your wife or husband, friend, or close relative.

Don’t think about the negative aspects

In bipolar disorder, the tension increases when the person thinks about the events that happened. If something has happened to you, thinking of which you get tensed, then it is better that you keep yourself away from the negative aspects of life and do not think about them.

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