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Bollywood Celebrities Slams People For Breaking Janta Curfew Protocol appealed by P M Modi

Filmmaker Milap Zaveri, Onir, actress Soni Razdan and many more slams the people who broke the protocol of Janta Curfew yesterday.
Entire country railed up to support Janta Curfew, an initiative called my Prime Minister Narendra Modi to control Covid-19 spread. Despite the best efforts by Government and individuals to maintain total isolation and celebrate the hard work of medical and administrative staffer by ringing a bell from balconies or roof-tops, a large number of people took to street, dancing and celebrating public curfew at 5 Pm, putting everyone at risk.
A group of people took to streets, dancing and singing, expressing their gratitude towards medial and security staffer, though all in good intention but with fatal results.
Filmmaker Onir took to his social media profile and wrote,, “When it comes to Fools we are a land of plenty See-no-evil monkeySee-no-evil monkeySee-no-evil monkeySee-no-evil monkey . Yesterday post 5Pm. Mind you curfew was supposed to be 7am to 9pm. #JantaCurfewMarch22”
Actress Soni Razdan slammed, “So in some places or rather many places Corona had a tough time surviving today. It found no hosts to hop into. Whereas in others…it had a goddam party!!!”
Director Milap Zaveri wrote, “Today so many Indians post 5pm destroyed the efforts of the entire nation. By coming on the streets like fools and idiots they undid all the good. They disregarded what the PM asked us to do. Corona will kill us because of our illiterate, dumb n uneducated. #Heartbreaking”

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