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Chand Sadhwani’s new musical offering ‘Tu hi To Tha’ speaks to the broken hearts

‘Tu Hi To Tha’, a rock-ballad composed and sung by Chand Sadhwani, hits just the right notes when it comes to heartbreak. The song has been shot in a Chattisgarh forest clearing that gives it a certain ominous vibe and makes you wonder what’s up next. Vedika Sao is the lead character and does justice to the mood and tone of the song.

Talking about the song, Vinit Jain, the founder of Voila Digi, said, “P Square Media brought the piece to us, and the moment we heard it, we loved it. We were on board right away. There certainly is a new vibe to it. The way the song has been shot provides an excellent context to the song, and the content is pretty good. The piece is a niche piece of art that we don’t get to come across quite a lot in our part of the world.

We are a platform where we promote and nourish new and deserving talent, and this song certainly has a place there. Chand is a polished artist, and I believe she has a great future ahead of her. We at Voila are glad that we got to be a part of this lovely piece of music and pray that it gets all the success and response that it deserves.”

Singer & composer Chand Sadhwani added, “It has always been my dream to shoot a song in a jungle, and I felt the lyrics of this song were the perfect fit for that. When I heard the lyrics, I could picture myself in a jungle filming the song and gladly, that is what happened. The song talks about heartbreak, and a jungle provided the right setting for it. I am grateful to Mr Girish Jain and Mr Vineet Jain for providing me with an opportunity and releasing the song under their label Voila Digi.”

Chand Sadhwani has produced the song, and Gaazi Moin is the lyricist.

Watch the full music video here

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