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China Hosts Arab and Muslim Foreign Ministers to Discuss Gaza Conflict

China Hosts Arab and Muslim Foreign Ministers to Discuss Gaza Conflict

In a significant diplomatic move, China welcomed top diplomats from four Arab nations—Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority—as well as Indonesia’s foreign minister to Beijing on Monday. The delegation’s choice to initiate their global tour in Beijing underscores China’s escalating geopolitical influence and its enduring solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed China’s commitment to collaborating with “our brothers and sisters” in the Arab and Islamic world to expedite the resolution of the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Wang Yi highlighted the trust placed in China by the visiting ministers, emphasizing that “China is a good friend and brother of Arab and Islamic countries.” He reaffirmed China’s steadfast support for the legitimate rights and interests of Arab and Islamic nations, particularly its unwavering backing of the just cause of the Palestinian people.

The diplomatic discussions unfolded at a state guest house, where Minister Wang Yi commended the visiting diplomats for their choice to commence the diplomatic tour in Beijing. The talks centered on concerted efforts to bring about a swift end to the conflict in Gaza, reflecting China’s proactive role in regional and global peace initiatives.

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