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CM Kamal Nath asks for a floor-test date but can he save Congress government:Madhya Pradesh

Chief Minister Kamal Nath has added a new twist to the political crisis looming over the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh. Governor Lalji Tandon in his letter to Nath had asked him to hold the trust vote in the assembly on March 16 and to prove the majority of his government. However, the MP assembly’s list of business for the day doesn’t mention the holding of a floor test or trust vote.So it remains unclear whether MP Assembly speaker NP Prajapati will conduct the proceedings of the floor test today.Today’s schedule as per the list of business Governor Tandon will address the MP Assembly today which would mark the beginning of the budget session in the state assembly. According to the list of business issued by the assembly, the governor’s speech will be followed by CM Nath’s address. And that would conclude the proceedings of the day in the MP assembly.

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