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Corruption – Starts with I, Me, Myself

Just one question to myself, you and all of us, who is corrupt among all of us in our country? Government officials who do not work as and when required or we, general people with self-interest without any sense of responsibility towards our country or other people. Officials who take bribe or we who pay bribes, doctors who prescribe several tests for a small wound or illness or some people among us who dilute food, milk, water for self-interest and earn money in erroneous way. People who eve-tease girls or us who never tried to stop any of them? Business owners who increase commodities prices every day or we who do not dare to take step towards any immoral. Ministers who come to power for enjoying luxurious life or we, who elect them on basis of caste, religion, or for that matter our self-interest.So lets talk about Corruption.

Its matter of concern that we are not equally but much more responsible for making our society corrupt because we are equally corrupt and support corruption for our own interest. We therefore have no right to blame other people or Government or Ministers for corruption. We make our streets and city dirty and complaint about municipality for not cleaning them. We pollute our city, waste food, water, consumables, LPG, Petrol etc and complaint that Government is not working upon more import of them. Some people who are among us store huge stock of food grains, vegetables etc. so that they can sell it during crisis at higher prices and still we blame Government for hike in prices of those consumables.

Education makes a person knowledgeable and intellectual but some of us start corruption at a very young age during our school when we pay bribes or use different techniques to score more in exams. Corruption doses not stop here, we pay huge bribes in name of donation to get admission in colleges, to get jobs in MNCs or especially get jobs in Government sector. This word accompanies us in each stage of our life when we take or give dowries, when we fight not against evils but in the name of our caste or community or religion. Rarely, we see someone fighting for humanity or for Nation, instead we curse and blame our Nation for being corrupt.

It is believed that we, Indians are much more sensitive which can be seen when we come across news informing us about money collection of beggars. But at the same time its so shocking that some people among us sell water or bread at prices which are 5-8 times that of mrp during crisis like it happened during Uttaranchal calamity in 2014.

In this fast pace world when everyone is in hurry to earn as much as possible and secure their families, some people still lack behind and fight and even excite others in the name of religion, castes, languages. Though we all have studied ‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY’ in our schools and even wrote big essays on that topic but what is the use of that education which can neither teach us Moral values nor social responsibilities. Is securing our coun

try a responsibility of defence only? Are we only there to salute True Indians on social media or merely stand during National Anthem is enough for us?
Yes, we can easily move on saying that we live in a world where we are compelled to live in this way, but is this reply for our own selves or own souls. Is this what we are going to teach to our coming generations? Do we have courage to tell our children that I fought with intention to kill another religion or caste or I am a great person who does not fear to throw garbage anywhere I wish, or I am proud to sell diluted food because everyone does it? Or I am very happy to save so much tax using black money techniques.

Its very simple to blame others for spoiling society, polluting country, but really really difficult to find our own mistakes and admit them or rather correct them. Starting from simple daily routine, we can actually make difference. We have to take some steps to make ourselves feel proud of as we were feeling during our childhood when we used to help someone in need and inform our parents about that for their appreciation.

It is equally our responsibility to make our country clean, safe and corruption free. Let us now unite to become human first followed by becoming Indians and rectify our own small mistakes gradually resolving our bigger mistakes to form a better society and a safer environment for our coming generations. Let ourselves stop corruption and dream to feel proud of our India.

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