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Demand Mounts for Maldives President to Apologize Over Remarks Targeting India

Demand Mounts for Maldives President to Apologize Over Remarks Targeting India

Following recent contentious remarks interpreted as disparaging the neighboring country, pressure is building on President Mohamed Muizzu of the Maldives to formally apologize to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India. Jumhoori Party leader Gasuim Ibrahim has asked Muizzu to pursue “diplomatic reconciliation” in an effort to repair strained bilateral relations resulting from the president’s remarks. Muizzu, known for his pro-China stance, made statements earlier this month indirectly referring to India as a bully, sparking outrage and diplomatic tensions.

The demand for an apology gains significance amidst a diplomatic row triggered by derogatory social media posts from three Maldivian ministers against Prime Minister Modi. Muizzu’s remarks, made upon his return from a high-profile state visit to China, further exacerbated the situation, prompting calls for reconciliation from within Maldives.

The Maldivian Democratic Party has announced that it intends to file a motion for Muizzu’s impeachment, coinciding with the apologies call. In the presidential runoff last year, Muizzu upset incumbent Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who was friendly with India. However, he is coming under more criticism for his diplomatic ties with India and his support of China. As tensions simmer, all eyes are on Muizzu’s response to the mounting demands for diplomatic amends and political accountability.

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