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Digvijaya Singh was sitting on dharna near Ramada hotel in Bengaluru, allegedly after he was not allowed by Police to visit it.

Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, with a face mask on, interlocking arms with fellow party workers sat on a dharna outside the Ramada hotel in Bengaluru early Wednesday morning after he was allegedly not allowed to meet the Congress MLAs inside the hotel. In a video clip, it can be seen how the police are trying to remove him from the spot as he resists being evicted. ‘I’m a Rajya Sabha candidate from Madhya Pradesh, voting is scheduled for March 26. My MLAs have been kept here, they want to speak to me, their phones have been snatched, police are not letting me speak to them saying there is a security threat to MLAs,’ said Digvijaya Singh.The Madhya Pradesh leader, who arrived early this morning in the city, said he has been receiving messages from the families of the lawmakers who have been held ‘captive’ in Bengaluru.

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