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Donald Trump blasts Joe Biden for ‘betraying Israel’ and slams how ‘anybody who’s Jewish’ could vote for Democrats

Donald Trump, the former US president, and leading Republican candidate for 2024, on Monday criticized President Biden’s foreign policy and questioned how Jewish Americans could support Democrats after the recent terrorist attack on Israel.

In a speech in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Trump said he was baffled by the voting behavior of Jewish Americans and evangelicals, who he said did not appreciate his pro-Israel policies.

“I can’t imagine anyone who’s Jewish or anyone who loves Israel — and frankly, evangelicals just love Israel — I can’t imagine anyone voting for a Democrat, let alone for this man,” Trump said, pointing to Biden.

“He betrayed Israel.”

The former president compared his achievements in the Middle East, such as moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, brokering the Abraham Accords between Israel and four Arab countries, and imposing sanctions on Iran, with the current situation of “total war” between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls Gaza.

“Less than four years ago we had peace in the Middle East thanks to the historic Abraham Accords. Today we have total war in Israel and it will spread very quickly,” Trump warned.

“What a difference the president makes.

The 77-year-old repeated his criticism of Jewish Americans who vote Democratic in previous messages on his social media platform Truth Social. He accused them of “voting to destroy America and Israel” and urged them to “come together and appreciate what they have in Israel – before it’s too late!”

According to exit polls, Jewish Americans preferred Biden to Trump in the 2020 presidential election by 67% to 30%.

Trump has vowed that if he regains the White House in 2024, he will “cut off money to Palestinian terrorists on day one” and increase pressure on Iran.

Israel has been under fire from thousands of rockets fired by Hamas from Gaza since last week. The Israeli military responded with airstrikes and ground operations against Hamas targets.

The death toll in Israel has risen to more than 900, including 11 Americans, and more than 2,600 have been injured, according to Israel’s Army Radio.

Hamas also claimed to have taken more than 150 hostages and threatened to kill them one by one live on social media unless Israel stopped retaliation.

Image Source: AP News

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