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Dumas Beach – The Creepy & Haunted Beach

Dumas beach, is the haunted beach is located in Surat City of Gujarat, India.

The beach is said to be the place of de-stress but when it comes to Dumas Beach, the things are just opposite. “DUMAS BEACH” is The Haunted an urban beach along the Arabian Sea located in Surat City of Gujarat in India. It’s a famous tourist place in South Gujarat. This beach is famous for two things-first it’s black sand and later, it’s being haunted. Yes, the latter added some excitement over here in the daytime it is one of the busiest tourist spots in Gujarat but this beautiful beach turns into scary and haunted as the sun sets. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in India.

According to the reports, many people have been disappeared at the beach mysteriously and never came back. It is said that the beach was once a “Hindu Burial Ground” and as per Hindu beliefs, the people who are eternal unsatisfied roam to the place where they are cremated. So this place becomes the home ground of the spirits. If one takes a walk along the beach at night, he may hear whispers of people talking when there is actually nobody around.

The tourists are advised not to go to the beach after sunset. The locals told that they often heard the voices and laughter of people at midnight. After dark one can feel strong howling winds and a giggle sound can be heard. It is said that whoever went to the beach after the sunset never returned except a man who was found dead with his tongue stretched out of his mouth hanging out.

Few pieces of research also suggest that people who disappeared actually sank into the sea and horrendous sound one can hear is a mix of waves and wind. While people also shared their real-life experiences on visiting the beach after sunset and terrified by some paranormal activities, we have no clue what is the true story of Dumas Beach. What do you believe is the truth? Would you dare to go here alone?

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