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Edhini Banarasi Handloom Sarees : Weaves from the Shores of Ganges

The city famous throughout the world for its unique and well versed art, Varanasi or Banaras lies at the shores of Ganges. The clanks and vibrations of the looms in the lanes of Banaras make you realise the heart of the city. The art of Banarasi silk saree was introduced by the Mughals to Indians during their time of invasion. This art has thrived through centuries and is now a combination of Mughal and Indian designs which comprise extraordinary and magnificent motifs woven of gold and silver threads on bright and beaming fabrics of pure silk saree. Subtle to dense floral designs or the classic persian motifs woven on the silk fabrics are also the best part of Banarasi silk sarees.

It takes 15 to 30 days to complete weaving of a masterpiece saree. This time may vary according to the complexity of the designs on the fabric and also depending upon thenumber of colours on the saree. The more the colours, the more time is spent as it takes agreat amount of work on the loom for the artisans. This eventually also increases the price of the saree. At the end, the time and price becomes worth the final results seen on an elegant and beautiful pure silk saree.

Banarasi Pure Silk Saree

Banarasi handloom saree has received the GI tag by the Government of India. With its unique style and intricate designs it becomes necessary to identify an original Banarasi handloom saree from a power loom saree. An original Banarasi handloom saree will have pin marks at the end of the saree as the saree is pinned to the loom using these pins. A power loom saree will have a smooth finish than a handloom saree.

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Importance of Saree in Indian Culture & Traditions

Saree is a timeless outfit known to us and has always been an integral part of Indian culture and traditions. A saree is a ‘SATVIK’ outfit according to Indian culture which brings purity and embraces beauty. Indian weddings and festival celebrations are incomplete without an ethnic saree. Banarasi Katan silk sarees with its rich art and ethnicity have become an intrinsic part of weddings. A wide range of beautiful zari designs crafted on gleaming pure silk fabrics make it impossible to miss a shimmering Banarasi saree on various ceremonies for weddings. To differentiate a pure Katan silk saree from a fake one the burn test will surely help. A fake silk thread when burnt melts like plastic whereas a pure silk thread will not melt.

Banarasi Silk Saree for Wedding

Online store delivering outside India

Edhini brings you a handloom Banarasi pure silk saree collection crafted by talented weavers in the lanes of Banaras at your doorstep. Edhini delivers in India as well as offers shipping worldwide. From any corner of the world, you can experience this great heritage and cherish your own beauty.

This diminishing art of the Banarasi saree has to be motivated and supported to keep its roots alive in the city of Banaras. The number of traditional artisans in Banaras is reducing and it becomes our sole responsibility to support them and enrich our culture. Check out the handloom Banarasi pure silk saree collection crafted by the talented weavers in the lanes of Banaras on

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