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El Al Airlines Boosts Cargo Flights Amid War-Related Passenger Demand Drop

El Al Airlines Boosts Cargo Flights Amid War-Related Passenger Demand Drop

In response to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, El Al Airlines has taken measures to enhance its cargo operations. The Israeli flag carrier had to redirect its efforts in order to meet the growing demand for equipment supplies to help Israeli soldiers and their families who have been affected by the fighting, as a result of a severe fall in passenger demand.

El Al Airlines, with a fleet of 46 aircraft for both long and short-haul flights, has adapted one of its Boeing 777-200 planes by removing seats, allowing for the addition of up to 50 tonnes of cargo per flight. Additionally, they have introduced a newly converted Boeing 737 with a cargo capacity of 20 tonnes, which will operate two daily flights to various European destinations.

In a symbolic move, El Al has designated flight number 222 for these cargo flights, aligning with Israel’s slogan, “together we will win.”

El Al CEO, Dina Ben Tal Ganancia, noted that the airline had transported approximately a quarter of a million passengers to and from Israel in the first two weeks of the conflict, which began on October 7 when Hamas initiated an attack from Gaza. Given the reduced demand for passenger flights, the airline’s pivot towards cargo transportation has become vital, as they previously relied on cargo capacity within passenger planes.

This strategic shift reflects El Al’s commitment to supporting the nation during this challenging time and efficiently meeting the cargo demands necessitated by the ongoing conflict.

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