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Gautam Gambhir’s new initiative for sex workers children- “PANKH”

Gautam Gambhir former cricketer and a member of parliament announced via his twitter account about his new initiative called “Pankh” which aims to get sex workers children out of the hell and will look after their needs including shelter and education.
“Everybody in the society has the right to live a decent life and I want to ensure more opportunities for these children so that they could live their dreams. I will take care of their living, education and their health,” he said.

Ten girls have been selected at present who are studying in various government schools in this session, Gambhir said
“We will sponsor their school fees, uniforms, food, medical help, including counselling, so that they can achieve their dreams,” he added.
In the next session, more children will be included in the programme .The target is to help at least 25 children, he said.

“We aim to empower adolescent girls (5-18 years) by giving them regular counselling so that they complete their education,” Gambhir said and appealed to people to come forward and help such children.

Gautum Gambhir “GG” foundation is already supporting children of slain armed personnel and providing post-trauma counselling and 100 per cent funding of education of intervened children and his foundation also seen helping needy during the lockdown when poor or labourers were unable to feed themselves .

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