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Giift joins hands with Club Concierge to disrupt the loyalty industry

SINGAPORE, Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — We are delighted to announce a Joint Venture with Club Concierge to explore strategic opportunities between both companies. This collaboration combines the world-class loyalty solutions of Giift with the innovative concierge solutions of Club Concierge to disrupt the loyalty industry.

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This venture has given us a unique opportunity to enter the ever-evolving Indian loyalty market with our cutting-edge, fully digitized loyalty solutions which will help standardize the loyalty structure of the corporate sectors in India, coupled with the enviable concierge service, that only Club Concierge can provide.   

Giift’s ingenious digital solution will enable Club Concierge to cater to their elite corporate client base across India and abroad, with an omnichannel loyalty platform promoting an eco-system aimed at driving customer engagement that leads to profitable outcomes.

Club Concierge is known for its partnerships with premier companies across many industries and many geographies to deliver loyalty solutions. This Joint Venture is expected to unveil the endless possibilities with our out-of-the-box loyalty technology, custom-designed to fully engage their prestigious customer base, and their world-class concierge services, that deliver personalized, customized recognition and engagement services.  

“Giift’s bespoke loyalty asset for Club Concierge gives them a seamless transition into the dynamic loyalty marketplace with versatile industry-wide redemption options globally. With an esteemed track record of best-in-class concierge and esteemed client base, we are confident to generate significant value in the loyalty industry with this joint venture”, said Pascal Xatart, Co-founder, and Director of Giift.

“Club Concierge has always been the innovator and disruptor in the Concierge Engagement and Loyalty space and having this partnership with Giift in place, we truly look forward to uplift solutions globally with them. We are happy to complement Giift’s solutions worldwide and to bring their rewards solutions to our clients” said Dipali Sikand, Founder of Club Concierge.

About Giift’s innovative end-to-end loyalty technology turns rewards programs into fungible currencies. Giift operates in more than 50 countries, with offices in New York, London, Singapore, Wuhan, Nairobi, Dubai, Jakarta, Mumbai, Colombo, Doha, and Dhaka. Giift business model is transaction-based.

About Club Concierge: Club Concierge is a specialized one-of-its-kind concierge loyalty company that provides a powerful and unique service that enhances loyalty. Club Concierge operates in several geographies. Its business model is concierge-service based.

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