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Good news for job seeker – 3lakh have already registered

Global Consultant report said that the India is set to lose 130 millions job due to Covid-19 and that’s what exactly happened ; but the good news has come as CM Arvind Kejriwal annouces on Monday a Employment Fair for Delhi/NCR job seeker and also for the organisation who wants to hire people.
CM Kejriwal highlight the situation of massive job losses and lay offs , factory closure because of pandemic and urges people to bring back the Delhi economy on track by fixing the economic problems. He urges Professionals, Market association, business association, industrial association, NGOs, and government organisations to be part of this. The portal is designed in order to connect or bridge the gap between employers and workers.

In a press conference CM Arvind Kejriwal annouces that 7,577 companies have registered on the portal and 2,4385 jobs are advertised, and 3,22,865 job seeker have aaplied on the same
portal, he said that he is glad and huge people registeration was unexpected .

Earlier Kejriwal said that the Delhi have 15,500 beds available for Corona patients and only 2800 corona patients are left to be treated and 12500 beds are vacant . He also praises the stable condition in Delhi saying that in June “Delhi stood 2nd in the tally of corona virus cases in India and presently it droop to 10th position. CM had also urge people to keep on using the masks . The Portal is where an employer and job seeker can register themselves.

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