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Gyanvapi Petitioners’ Lawyer Reveals Survey Report: Temple Existed Before Mosque

Gyanvapi Petitioners' Lawyer Reveals Survey Report: Temple Existed Before Mosque

Regarding the Gyanvapi mosque controversy, a noteworthy development has occurred when the attorney for the Hindu petitioners revealed results from a recent survey that claim the land was once home to a temple. Convincing evidence was found during the study at the Gyanvapi mosque, including 34 inscriptions in different languages that suggested the site of a temple that was later converted into a mosque.

The Varanasi district judge had initially withheld the report from public scrutiny, citing concerns over potential distortion and the spread of misinformation on social media. The sensitivity surrounding the case, akin to the Ayodhya Ram Janambhoomi issue, prompted caution in handling the findings. However, following considerable anticipation, the lawyer received a hard copy of the survey report, prompting its eventual disclosure.

Vishnu Jain, the advocate representing the petitioners, disclosed excerpts from the report during a press conference late in the evening. According to the report, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) identified a pre-existing structure alongside a well within the mosque’s corridor, strengthening the claim of a former temple at the site.

The disclosure coincides with a backdrop of increased religious hostilities and ongoing debates about mosques against temples across the nation. The recent consecration of the Ayodhya temple, a historic occasion overseen by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, comes just after the release of the ASI report. The disclosure weaves a fresh chapter into the intricate picture of India’s religious and historical environment as the legal and social repercussions materialize.

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