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Haunted Places To Visit In Goa For Bravehearts!

Beaches, clubs, shacks, coffee shops, night markets, cathedrals, and those lovely Portuguese buildings are just a few of the attractions of Goa. Much more if you’re aware of Goa’s haunted locations. If you visit these reputedly scary areas, the lush green of Goa could just turn a touch darker; places that seem rather enticing if you want to explore a different aspect of India’s most popular tourist destination.

Borim Bridge

The Borim Bridge in Goa has become a renowned haunted location due to numerous reports of unusual apparitions. While driving on the bridge, witnesses claim to have seen a lady leap into the river. When they returned to their vehicle after stopping for aid, they discovered her seated in the backseat! Because a lot of passers-by have reported the same experience throughout the years, no one dares to cross the bridge after midnight. Almost everyone who has seen the “ghost woman” has supposedly become ill as a result of their encounter, adding to the mystery surrounding the bridge.

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Three King Church

A haunted church may sound like an oxymoron, but if you believe the legend surrounding the Three Kings Church in Goa, it is genuine. According to tradition, two monarchs were assassinated in this chapel by a rival king who desired the entire country for himself. In the aftermath of the public outrage, he poisoned himself, and the cathedral has been haunted by the souls of the three kings ever since. Peculiar noises and “a strange, menacing presence” have been observed in and around the church by locals and visitors. While the church precincts provide for a beautiful sunset spot, the majority of the audience disperses by late afternoon due to the local legends. It is one of the most famous haunted places of Goa.


If folklore isn’t your thing, try horror lore. The same may be said of Saliao hamlet in Goa, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a lady named Christina. According to legend, she was observed by a church bishop who was passing through the area. He passed out after seeing the bizarre ghost and awoke to shout her name the next day. Even though it has been more than 50 years since this occurrence was reported, few people dare to cross the banyan tree (where Christalina’s spirit is said to reside) at night. During the day, the tree attracts a few interested people, but around sunset, the place is completely silent.

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NH 17

This national highway, often known as the Mumbai-Goa Highway, is recognised for much more than the gorgeous trip it provides. This is a horror storey with a twist: it comes with a condition that prevents non-vegetarian food from being transported on the highway when the sunsets. Locals say that a section of the road is plagued by ravenous witches and ghosts who will pursue you if you carry the same. When people tried to transport non-vegetarian food over the stretch, their vehicles stopped or went out of control! Perhaps it’s time to meet some hungry ghosts.

To make a full list of Goa’s haunted locales, include the reported scary road near Baytakhol and the Janki Bandh (bridge). This is for those searching for a new kind of experience in a region that has an excellent reputation as a tourist’s paradise. Did you know about these haunted places of Goa?


Between Dhavali and Bori, there lays a stretch named Baytakhol, which is known for a supernatural experience that might as well be a scene straight out of a horror film. Drivers often report seeing a woman in the middle of the road while taking that route in the night. That female figure, as per these accounts, even screams her lungs out as vehicles approach her! Needless to say, it is a foolish move to stop the car but doesn’t even think about looking back at it once you cross it. Many accidents have taken place in the vicinity, as drivers lose control of the wheel the moment they look back and see nothing behind! The disturbing sights and sounds are believed to play illusion games with the drivers, leading to mishaps.

Bandh Igorchem

Few things are scarier than a location where the supernatural might be witnessed even in broad daylight! One location, the Igorchem Bandh near Margao, is genuinely frightening the daylights out of people. Igorchem Bandh is located near the lovely town of Raia, behind the Church of Our Lady of Snows, and is a quiet and isolated part of an otherwise scenic route. Locals think that anyone who travels that road between 2 and 3 p.m. risks being possessed by an evil ghost. The deafening solitude of the road, along with the magical vibe that pervades that area, creates an ideal backdrop for this local folklore.

igorchem bandh - viraltalks haunted places of goa
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Seminary Arch

Rachol, also known as Raiturais, is a village on the banks of the Zuari River and home to another tale of supernatural in Goa. The arch leading to the seminary in the village is said to be haunted by the spirit of a soldier that goes back to the Portuguese era. The locals have eventually weaved a gripping tale about a dead soldier, who is still not ready to leave his post! They believe that on special days, the spirit of the sentinel is seen in his full uniform walking to and fro under the arch. He even denies entry to anyone, whom he deems unworthy of a pass!

Rachol Seminary - Wikipedia
Source – Wikipedia

The Rodrigues Home

No horror saga is complete without a haunted house with urban legends associated with it. For Goa spookfest, it’s the Rodrigues Home, located in Verna, a village approximately 10 km north of the South Goa district headquarters, Margao. A normal-looking house, where the Rodrigues family still resides, this mansion has been the reported setting for several supernatural activities. To believe the locals, the doors and windows of the house open and close at will and lights keep flickering on and off to create an ominous air. Adding more to the horror trail, some also report that the cutlery of the house keeps on moving without any visible external stimulus!

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You must have been to Goa umpteen times, but the chances are that you may not have visited these haunted places in the state, already. So, if you are yet to see the spooky side of Goa, we recommend you a hotel in Goa and head out for a bone-chilling experience. We hope this exciting article about haunted places of goa was helpful!

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