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‘Helmet’Is a Unique yet hilarious ride Says Rohan Shankar.

Rohan Shankar, young and talented screen-writer of “Luka Chuppi” and “Lalbaguchi Rani” is geared
up with his third movie Helmet, says it’s a unique and interesting tale.

A comic caper with an interesting and unique twist of condoms, Helmet, stars Aparshakti Khurana 
Pranutan Bahl in lead roles with Abhishek Bannerjee & Ashish Verma. The upcoming film is co-
produced by Dino Morea and Sony Pictures.

Talking about his journey of Helmet, Rohan said, “I was working with Pooja Bhatt, as first assistant
director, the film was titled ‘Love-Affair’ and Soni Razdan was directing it. Unfortunately things
didn’t materialize and the movie was never made but I made a friend, another assistant director
Satram Ramani who had the story of helmet that he wanted to direct.”

Adding further Rohan said, “I loved the concept and I started developing the script. I have been
working on it, since the time of Luka Chuppi. Dino Morea is producing the film along with Sony
Pictures. Helmet is a satire, a clean comedy drama based on condoms; it is not a vulgar movie, in fact
a movie you can watch with your family. A young ensemble is working in the film and they have
done a great job. I don’t think I know or heard of any film in the world, which is based on condoms.
You might find some short films, but a full length feature film, there isn’t any. And this film is not just
about condoms, there is a love story, a tale of friendship we have touched some important topics
in the journey of the characters“ added Rohan.

On further asking about the film, Rohan said they have to shoot one song then it’s complete. He
doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. He said, “I wish I could reveal much about the film.”
Apart from Helmet, Rohan Shankar’s upcoming films are Mimi and Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari. They are
also up for the release. Both the films deal with very interesting subjects promise a fun ride.

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