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Here are the apps you used the most in 2021

Here are the apps you used the most in 2021

Ever since the pandemic has started, we have developed an even deeper connection with the world of tech. To get our work done, and to keep ourselves entertained, particularly in these times, we have befriended several apps. From learning to sharing, here are the most used apps of 2021

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It won’t come as a surprise that this photo-sharing app is everyone’s favourite these days. From stories to polls to music suggestions to the ever so addictive reels, Instagram never fails to entertain us. You wouldn’t be shocked to know that an average Instagram user spends about 53 minutes on the site, and there are over a billion active users around the globe. Instagram is increasingly becoming an important source to consume news, with many journalists and news organizations using the platform to break the latest happenings across the world. Its visual power makes it so popular.

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Learning a new language no longer entails joining coaching classes and giving exams. If you want to know how to ask for water or speak the basics of a certain language, you have several apps to get you started. The most popular is Duolingo. With more than 300 million users, it is the world’s most downloaded education app. Their fun approach to learning a new language is what makes it so attractive. Duolingo offers courses to learn 98 languages, starting from single words to forming sentences. The best part? Duolingo is free.

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Who does not like shopping? Amazon offers you virtually everything from groceries to big-ticket items like refrigerators. Thanks to big discounts and hassle-free home delivery, it is no wonder that Amazon is one of the most popular apps of 2021. It is not just the shopping that people love. Amazon Prime streaming service, Prime Music, Alexa and Kindle are other services and devices from Amazon which are increasingly becoming popular.

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The American streaming platform boasts of shows that suit almost every taste. They have a wide collection of global TV shows and movies, and their Indian content is equally exhaustive. Some of the most trendings shows this year like Squid Games were on Netflix. It also offers more multiple payment options, and you can add up to four profiles for a personalised experience. Moreover, features like Netflix party only make the experience better. Netflix and Chill? You got it!


Most workplaces still choose to operate from home in 2021. That is where the trusty Zoom came into play. From meetings to presentations to just chats, Zoom has effectively replaced our office since the pandemic began. Schools and colleges are running on Zoom. Even high-level meetings are happening on Zoom. Its easy to use nature, and a variety of features for easy calling and sharing of content is what has made it so popular. It was one of the most used apps in 2021.


Learning should never stop and Coursera’s vast collection of courses from top universities will tempt you to learn something new. It is popular for it offers genuinely well-planned courses with some professional courses that promise to advance your career. It is ideal if you want to upskill or learn just for fun. There are full-fledged degrees too which can be done at your convenience. Most courses are free but you have to pay for the certificate.


Perhaps the most significant app in recent times, Twitter has redefined how we communicate. One hashtag can take your voice to millions of people, and it has the power to hold the powerful accountable. Twitter is a great source to get updated on the latest news and keep track of developments. The presence of public organizations and government agencies makes it easier to establish contact with the top officials. Its short word limit makes reading messages a breeze.

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