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Hospitals in Gaza to Run Out of Fuel Today, US Warns, Amid Growing Humanitarian Crisis

Hospitals in Gaza to Run Out of Fuel Today, US Warns, Amid Growing Humanitarian Crisis

In a tragic turn of events, Gaza’s largest hospital faces the impending exhaustion of its fuel supplies, which is made worse by worries about a potential Israeli ground invasion. This puts the lives of thousands of sick and injured patients in Gaza’s hospitals in danger. Gaza’s hospitals may totally run out of the essential gasoline needed to power generators by Monday, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), seriously jeopardizing their capacity to deliver key medical services.

Food, water, and vital medical supplies are in grave risk of running out in Gaza, where the humanitarian crisis has reached a critical point. A spokesperson for the UN organization that helps Palestinian refugees, Juliette Touma, bemoaned the deteriorating situation and declared, “Gaza is running dry.”

This dilemma has emerged as a result of many violent incursions by Hamas terrorists over the weekend, which caused Israel to impose a stringent lockdown on Gaza, which is home to 2.3 million Palestinians. The Israeli authorities have advised over a million Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip to go south in preparation for a large-scale military assault. According to reports, troops are assembling near Israel’s border, heightening concerns about an increase in tensions in this already volatile region. The international community watches with growing concern as Gaza faces an impending humanitarian catastrophe.

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