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How to improve your photography skills?

With high quality smartphones and Iphones, today, everyone is a photographer, but a real photographer’s photos show itself. Yes, camera is one essential thing if you want to improve your photography skills but it is not a rule. You can excel in photography even with your phone. It is like a form of art.

But how do you improve your photography skills and what are all things you must keep in mind when you are beginning with photography?

Today we will take a look at it.

  • Improve your composition

Perfect photography starts with a good composition. Before you start clicking photos, know your subject and its exact focal point, how to position it so that the viewer sees the subject at the same moment they see the photo. Learn and practice the “RULE OF THIRDS”, is a photography principle that places the primary focal point of any composition at the intersection of vertical and horizontal lines dividing the frame into three halves. Mostly, modern cameras have this grid that can be seen when you turn the viewfinder on to aid composition. You can then experiment by holding the plan of the lens at different angles to the subject. After you have composed the photo, leave 5 to 10 per cent of the margin in case you want to crop the photo. Also, don’t forget to smile!

This is one of the most important aspects of photography skills that you have to keep in mind when you are doing photography.

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  • Focus

Sharp photos are a sign of a skilled photographer. A photo without the use of any special effects like zoom blur, creative blur, manipulated depth of field, a sharp photo is better than any of these especially if you want to print them. Modern cameras are advanced now that have solid focus and are all taken in auto modes. When the background of your photos in the outdoors like moving subjects, lowlight and multiple focal points confuse the camera’s autofocus, you have to understand how to adjust it.

This becomes an important photography skill as many times the camera focuses on 10 different things and your subject goes totally out of focus.

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  • Exposure

Correct exposure is the third pillar of good photography. Like focus, much can be left to the camera’s auto mode and it can be fixed during editing too. But the better the original photo is, the final product will be better. Modern DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras have multiple exposure settings that let you customize any effect you want under any condition. You can check the camera’s manual to understand how the exposure is controlled in each mode. The ‘creative’ controls are important and once you get a hang of the camera, you can click good photos in no time.

Photography skills are improved with time and practice, you need to have that eye for things to click great pictures.

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  • Use a tripod

 A tripod is a great way to make sure the photos you click are stable and not hazy when you have to click pictures from uneven planes. It is used by videographers for timelapse and shoots videos but it can be great for clicking photos too. It makes your photos sharper and more balanced. It will also prevent the risk of having unwanted elements in the frame.

Make sure to opt for a strong tripod camera and check the spirit level after your camera is mounted on it. You don’t want your pictures to be slanted!

If your tripod is light then you can hang something heavy underneath it. It will act as an anchor and not fall due to the weight of the camera.

This is an easy photography skill for light tripods in case you don’t have high-end tripods for your camera.

  • Use the edges of each element as a guide in framing your photo.

One useful tip for good photography is to line up the edges of certain elements in the frame to create a pathway that leads to your subject. This will make your photos more balanced and visually appealing.

Apart from lines and edges, look for other shapes, patterns and textures too that you can use to make your subject look even more appealing.

So here are a few tips that you can implement to improve your photography skills, the first 3 tips are the most important ones.

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