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How to lose weight after pregnancy?

How to lose weight after pregnancy?

If you’re like most new moms, you can’t wait to ditch your maternity wear and slide back into your old pants. Learn how to tackle weight loss after pregnancy in a healthy way that will last a lifetime.

By six to twelve months following delivery, you should be back to your pre-pregnancy weight. By six weeks following delivery, most women had lost half their baby weight (postpartum). Over the next few months, the rest usually falls out. Weight loss after pregnancy can be difficult to achieve but not impossible.

You can lose weight by eating a balanced diet and exercising every day. Breastfeeding can also aid with weight loss after a baby is born.

  • Please take your time.

Your body requires time to heal after childbirth. It may take longer to recuperate if you lose weight too soon after giving birth. Before attempting to lose weight, wait until your 6-week appointment. If you’re nursing, wait until your kid is at least 2 months old and your milk production has returned to normal before reducing your calorie intake considerably.

Aim for a pound and a half of weight loss per week. You can achieve this by eating healthy meals and exercising once your health care practitioner has approved you for regular physical activity.

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Breastfeeding mothers require roughly 500 more calories per day than they did before pregnancy. Choose healthful foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein to get these calories.


You may have changed your dietary habits while pregnant to promote your baby’s growth and development. Nutrition is still crucial after pregnancy, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Healthy weight reduction after pregnancy can be achieved by making sensible decisions.

  • Consume more plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Choose from a choice of lean protein sources.
  • Limit your intake of sugar and salt.
  • Portion control is important.

Women were once advised to wait at least six weeks after giving birth before beginning to exercise. The waiting game, on the other hand, is now ended.

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If you exercised during pregnancy and had an uneventful vaginal delivery, you should be able to resume gentle exercise within a few days of delivery — or as soon as you feel ready. Consult your doctor about when to begin an exercise regimen if you had a C-section or a challenging birth. Around four to six weeks after your delivery, you should be able to begin light activities.

  • When your doctor says it’s okay, do the following:
  • Take breast-feeding into consideration. To avoid the discomfort of engorged breasts, feed your baby right before you exercise if you’re breastfeeding. Wear a bra that is supportive.
  • Begin slowly. Begin by strengthening important muscle groups, such as your stomach and back muscles, with basic exercises. Gradually introduce moderate-intensity exercises.
  • Include your child in the conversation. Include your infant in your fitness programme if you’re having problems finding time to exercise. In a stroller or baby carrier, take your infant for a regular walk.
  • It’s not a good idea to go it alone. Invite other moms on a daily stroll with you, or sign up for a postpartum exercise class. Working out with others can help you stay motivated.
  • Before, during, and after each workout, make sure to drink enough of water. If you’re in agony, it’s time to stop working out. This could indicate that you’ve gone overboard.
  • Breast-feeding has a number of advantages.
  • Breast-feeding can also aid in weight loss after a pregnancy. This is because you utilise fat cells stored in your body throughout pregnancy, as well as calories from your diet, to fuel your milk production and nourish your baby when you breastfeed.
  • Set attainable weight-loss targets.

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Including the weight of the baby, placenta, and amniotic fluid, most women lose roughly 13 pounds (5.9 kilogrammes) during childbirth. You’ll drop more weight in the first week following delivery as you lose retained fluids, but the fat you gained during pregnancy won’t go away on its own. It is possible to shed up to 1 pound (0.5 kilogrammes) every week by diet and regular exercise. Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, it could take six months to a year to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

As you accept the changes in your body, be kind to yourself. Above all, be proud of your healthy way of life.

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