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How to not run out of ideas

How to not run out of ideas

Trust me when I tell you that this topic popped out of nowhere when I was running out of ideas for my daily feature articles. It is a serious thing, people run out of ideas all the time and you need constant inspiration and motivation so that you can push content throughout and every day.

Today, we will look into a few tips where you won’t ever run out of ideas!

Let us begin.

  • Read, Watch, Listen, Observe and gain exposure

Now, we all have learnt so many things reading and watching, sometimes more than our school textbooks. In the same way, reading, watching, listening to and observing your surroundings can inspire you to write or develop some great ideas for your project. 

Such things might happen to you when you just finish reading a book — you get a fantastic idea or maybe after watching a documentary you get your next big idea for your school project.

So pals, never stop consuming content, it is a major source of ideas.

  • Tweak your environment

You might have seen in movies and television shows that writers go to a different environment just because they are bored and want some inspiration. Well, that is a very good exercise — changing your atmosphere. It really helps!

In case you are working from home or office — it is a totally different environment, We have seen this in the lockdown. Each surrounding affects us in different ways and paying attention to those effects on the way we work, think, act and so on helps us create an innovative and creative mindset.

It doesn’t matter much for ‘where’ we are working from but with whom we are working with. People matter a lot when you are in a creative field and constantly looking for ideas.

  • Evaluate yourself

Ask yourself the following questions every week or every month as a part of your self-assessment:

  • What was the last big idea you came up with?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What fueled it?
  • Where were you?
  • Who around you do you find inspiring?
  • What gets you in the creative flow?

You must ask these questions to yourself to understand what is not clicking between you and your creative mind for the past week or month. Sometimes a creative block can be because of your daily habits or your atmosphere or maybe both. So take your time and answer these questions before you move forward.

  • Stay open

Creativity is a long and emotional process. You must be open to ideas and thoughts of other people too. There are times when you will come across things you are not comfortable with and you have to make a choice. Go out of your comfort zone for a minute and just imagine how your out of the box idea can do wonders to the world and change it.

So many things we thought we never would come across happened in the pandemic, the world is constantly evolving and so are ideas, leap out of your comfort zone and accomplish your ideas.

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