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How to stay motivated when you are stuck at home

How to stay motivated when you are stuck at home

Motivation is very important and in these times it is the priority. Yes, we are slowly opening up and getting used to the pandemic but yet there are a lot of people who are doing work from home. Let’s face it — it is far more comfortable!

As my friend and I were talking that day, she said that this lockdown has turned our lives to a complete 360 degree, and an extent, it is very true. Work from home or maybe doing nothing at home can be really frustrating for you. So today we will discuss a few ways you can keep yourself inspired sitting at home.

  • Feel Your Anger

Feel things! It is very natural to feel things, you must not deny your emotions and feelings — just let them out. Various research says that repressed anger can cause anxiety and depression which can further lead to heart problems, headaches, skin disorders, and much more. Sometimes that anger comes out on your loved ones that are pretty bad.

Try to release your anger where you don’t hurt anybody emotionally. Maybe seclude yourself for a while, go for a run or punch your pillow.

  • Question yourself what is possible

We imagine many things for our life but when we reach closer to what we thought, we see the things we can do and the things we can’t. 

It is time that you question yourself about what you are really good at. Could you find new places to enjoy yourself? Sometimes just switching your environment helps your mind to relax and do something productive. 

If you have someplace to visit and free your mind from your daily routine then you must visit it even if it is for an hour.

  • Accept what you aren’t changing

There are times in your life where you want to change a lot of things but you simply can’t. You are growing up and getting a job, or maybe it is your kid getting a job — change is happening a lot faster.

You have to accept the situation the way it is. 

  • Develop a strategy for your future

Now many people will find this demotivating but it helps your mind clear. It is like a hazed vision that starts getting clearer by the day when you realize what you are planning to do in the future. It doesn’t have to be a long 30 years plan. You can roll for 2 to 3 years or maybe even 6 months but make a plan.

So, there you go, a few ways to keep yourself motivated when you are stuck at home. Don’t let your thoughts overpower you. Accept them and give them a shape.

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